I saw this on petfinder and it made me sad & mad. Look at the intake reason. Seriously people amaze me sometimes!! I thought I would post this to see if anyone could help this poor girl. Either adopt her or get her into a rescue.


Intake Date: 8/27/11
Available Date: 8/27/11
Intake Reason: Surrendered by breeder, she didn't produce enough puppies
Age: 6 Years
Housebroken: Unknown, will need training
Good with other Dogs: She is Food Bowl Aggressive, but could be in home with other dogs, just feed seperately
Good with Cats: Unknown, could be tested
Adoption Fee: $85



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I cannot believe some people! Not enough puppies?!?! At least now that she is away from that awful "breeder" she'll have a chance at a happy life. Her expression in the pictures looks so sad it breaks my heart! I really hope she finds a loving forever home. Wish I wasn't so far away. :(
Oh what a beautiful lady:) Hopefully she will find a true loving home! I know this may sound horrible but thank goodness they turned her in...yes,a rescue would be much better BUT bad breeders don't care! They could have just dropped her off in the country and have left her....I believe there is someone around here that has done this with beagles as twice in 2 years there have been beagles wondering the countryside...one looked like she had been nursing but they were too scared and we couldn't "catch them":(
OMG!!!  She is such a gorgeous girl!  I hope she finds a great home, somewhere they will love her like she deserves to be loved!  I agree, she does have a sad, kind of far off look in her eyes!  Makes me very, very sad.  ) :
The more I get to know people, the more I like my dogs.
I totally agree.
I couldn't have said it any better.
i wish i was able to get to KY, she is adorable!

Just emailed them about the Lakeshore Corgi Rescue and hopefully she either gets a home quick or something can be worked out with them She looks so cute, but fostering a dog has made me realize I am best as a 1 dog owner... And I completely agree with John on this one...

 (Lakeshore does not list KY as one of the states they work with, but since I live in IN, am hoping they will work with the shelter)

I just emailed Ohio Valley Corgi (http://ohiovalleycorgi.org/) to let them know about this poor girl--she does look really sad.  Maybe they can help her.

I hope so too!

The petfinder ad says "an adopted dog", has anyone checked with the shelter to see if she is still available or was she actually adopted??


I emailed the shelter last night... will let you know if I get a response today.  Hopefully this is true.


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