don't let the shiba inus win, guys! =)

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I didn't realize that there were that many Shiba lovers. Do they have something automated voting for them? They just shot up 200 votes in under a min and like doubled the Corgi down votes.

P.S. You can vote multiple times if you clear your internet temp files and cookies between each vote.

The Squishie people are actually having trouble with someone hacking the voting thing but I got a message from them when I asked and they said they can tell what votes are legit and not, so fear not and keep voting!  They were hacked the last time they had a contest, too.  Someone always has to ruin things for everyone else.  Anyways, they are aware of the problem.  Have faith and keep up the votes!

Sure is getting hacked; I can't vote anymore...

I'm gonna log into every single computer at the computer lab and vote.  GO CORGI!


What's with the 6000+ downvotes for corgis? Must be all of the Shiba Inu lovers. :P

More like one crazy shiba inu lover playing the system.

GRRR...It won't let me vote again!  The Shiba Inu people are cheating I'm sure of ;)

Well they've docked votes for corgis (not by adding down votes, but by actually removing up votes) twice already.  It was done early on when the number of corgi votes were easily 3x the number for any other breed.  So corgis are already misrepresented.  :(

yay! the fixed the cheating! we're only behind by 100 votes! let's win this!!


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