W-a-l-k, B-y-e, O-u-t...does anyone else have to spell so their dog doesn't know what you're saying?

Is it just me or do you find yourself spelling so your dog doesn't(?) know what you're saying????

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Us trying to oustmart our corgis, this is just too funny :)
Oh, Jane! Of course we spell, just like we had to spell ice cream for our younget son (first thing he learned to spell, at age 3) They also can tell time, they know, by how many times the clock chimes, when it is time to eat. And talk about gated decks...Lucky made it seal walking from the deck to the pole barn yesterday, over and down the rocks, through the cheat grass, etc. - thought he was safe on the deck without wheels! Well, it is time for me to e-a-t, the boys ate at 6 AM, who is spoiled in this household!
BO the boat, LA the Lake, GC the golf cart, W is walk, L is leash

Our conversation.... Is it windy on the LA today, want to take the BO out, I will get their L and you back the GC out of the garage.

Of course they get to go with us, this just keeps them calm until it is time to leave
We had to spell a lot of things with Algy. Unfortunately, he just learned to spell in return. Pretty soon, we started spelling things backwards so he wouldn't catch on.
I remember his last christmas, my mom said, "have his picture taken with Santa" over the phone to me, and he ran to the door. Smart kid.
Calvin and Rainy havn't picked up on words as much yet. Rainy knows CAR and RIDE and runs to the door when one is said or when my mom gets her purse. It's funny how much they pick up on!
We have to keep switching what things are called and/or spell different things. They learned what the spelling sounds like now :( Curse you smart little dogs!


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