Ok...so is this normal? I know that corgis are chow hounds by nature but my little guy is wanting to put everything in his mouth and then attempts to eat it...and I mean everything! Dirt, rocks, flowers, weeds, grass, sticks, worms....you name it and the little guys has probably tasted it with me frantically yelling leave it and trying to get it out of his mouth....lol Is this normal behavior for a 9 week old corgi? Is there something I can do to stop getting him to put everything in his mouth? I know hes teething and he has tons of toys and chews that he makes regular use of.

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"Is this normal behavior for a 9 week old corgi?"

Yep. This, too, shall pass...

Perfectly normal.....as for this too shall pass, it will to an extent.  My seniors still like to taste things with Katie being less discerning about what she is tasting.

And 9 weeks he probably really doesn't know the command leave it. It's a valuable command but it needs some practice and then don't over use it. They become deaf to hit. Other than that, it's kind of normal,ya. ;)
1.bitter apple, 2. Catch him in the act and stop his behavior immediately

Teach him to 'leave it'. At 9 weeks he's a huge ball of curious. It'll take time but he'll be ok. We taught our Winston to identify different things: ball, box, squirrel, cone, bone, rock etc.....He loved to tear boxes up so much that we taught him to 'ask' first. He'd run up to the offending box, nudge it, then look back us in askance? There were two options; 'Leave it' or 'kill it'....He was famous for destroying a refrigerator box in 15 minutes...into shreds. Gotta love the mighty Corgi.

We went through this too. Nutmeg liked to chew the landscaping bark. You just have to keep after the pup and in time, they learn they're not supposed to put that stuff in their mouths. Also, try replacing the stuff you don't want him to put in his mouth with stuff that is ok for him to put in his mouth. So, when you are able to pry the leaf away from him, replace it with a toy that it's ok for him to chew. I had a couple of teething toys that I was constantly putting in Nutmeg's mouth and it helped to teach her appropriate chewing/mouthing. Another thing that worked for us was giving her ice cubes to chew on. Something about the combination of crunch and cold helped. She's now 7 months old, doesn't chew anything that's not hers and she loves ice cubes as a treat. Give it a try.

For puppies, their mouths are like their hands. How can you know what something is without experiencing three senses at once in one place???  Joke.

Jerry still love bark and worms and he's one and a half.  Extra fiber, I call it.  But to everyone else's point, do work on leave it.  There's a lot of different techniques you can try.  It will help!

Leave it works amazingly well. Better than me yelling at my dog or pulling the leash


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