After playing with Callie I noticed that my hands smelled bad. So I sniffed her stuffed moose toy and it REALLY needs to be washed. I was wondering what is the best way to safely clean her plush/stuffed toys? I've never had to wash plush toys before because they normally don't last long enough to need washing. But she loves that moose toy, it's one of the few she will not destroy. (Her monkey on the other hand has been fixed to many times to count.)

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You can put it in a washing bag :)
LOL, ours do not last that long but we do put the kongs in the dishwasher.
Finn's toys don't last long enough now but when he was little I washed a few of his plush toys. I just put them loose in the washer with a fragrance free detergent such as Woolite and ran it on delicate in warm water then I clipped them to pant hangers and hung to dry. They turned out good as new. :)
The only cloth toys that last long enough to be washed are the stuffingless fleece pigs from PetSmart.

I toss them in the machine when I do the dogs' towels.
Ha! The smelly toys! Algy is so careful with his toys...some we have had for over 7 years now. The plush ones we handwash in the sink with woolite. We have never had a problem with this method :)

Weasel was starting to smell doggy, but now she's squeaky-clean:

What a great question! I was wondering what happens to the squeaker? The couple that I put in the washer, the squeaker stopped working and Milly was so sad. She keeps biting that area then looking over at me as if to say, can you fix this please? Lol. The squeak is very important to her :)

I've bought "replacement squeakers" on Amazon - 20 for $8.  Mishka loves squeakers, so I occasionally replace the ones that have died.

I wash plush toys pretty regularly (Mishka has dust mite and mold allergies).  Hot, scent-free detergent and through the dryer on hot (no fabric softener!) - if the toy is somewhat beat up I put it in a lingerie bag for both cycles.  So far, no cleaning-related squeaker deaths.

Clothes washer. Never had a problem washing those plus dawg toys in the wash machine. If it can sustain Dawg Play, it can sustain the washer.

Soggy squeaker  may stop squeaking. Dog doesn't seem to care.


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