How much does your Corgi weigh? Mine is pushing 30 at 9 months. He's always been a big boy though. Today I started him on the Healthy Weight Blue Buffalo.

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My girls is 30 lbs at 8 months. But she is half lab so I really don't know if she is done growing!

Becca is 14 months and weighs 27 pounds. I've cut back her food a bit from 1/2 cup Honest Kitchen mixed with 1/2 cup Blue morning and 1/2 cup Blue evening, to 1/3 of each. I've been blaming it not subtracting enough kibble to make up for Buddy Biscuits etc. when training. I'd like her to be closer to 25.

Milo is 27lbs at 16months. Males generally should be 27-30lbs. You're right at the high end. It's better and healthier for them to be lower in weight. Be careful because one morning you'll wake up and he'll be overweight. This happened to me with my first corgi Sophie. Cut back on food - as hard as that is, it works. And turn away when you get those big brown eyes saying 'I'M STARVING' - they aren't...

Can you post a side profile picture? Weight doesn't matter so much as build. There are 30 pound corgis that are skinny and there are 30 pound corgis that are obese. Franklin is currently a bit heavy at 30 pounds and I have him on a diet.

Ace is around 10 kg, or 22 lb at 16 months. Any more and he starts looking pudgy. This should give you an idea that weight isn't everything - how the dog carries it on his frame is the most important.

I agree with Melissa:  we need to see him.  Can you get a side photo?  Jack is at a very lean agility weight of 33 or 34 pounds;   if we did not do agility I'd keep him at 36.   Maddie is better at 27 or 28.  

Corgis should have a waist.  But the Corgi build is funny.  They have such a big chest that even a tubby Corgi can give the illusion of having a waist.  You should see definition of muscles along the side.  When you look down from above, they should not have a thick area over the loin.

Here's a very bad picture of Jack eating his dinner tonight so you can see an over-30 pound Corgi who is thin.  MOST Corgis over 30 pounds are overweight, but some big males can easily go 35 pounds and still be healthy.

This was Jack at 39 pounds (also in summer coat; coat makes a huge difference!).  Notice he still has a waist. So he's about 3 pounds overweight here, and about 2 or 3 pounds underweight in the pic above.  In the heavier picture, notice the thickening over his loin.

And here is is at the same 33 or 34 pounds as the first picture, but in full coat in winter time:

Kaylee is 9 months and 24 pounds. She still is in good shape though.

4 months 12 lbs I WIN :D

This is the best side shot I could get of him. I think he carries it alright, not too bad yet.

He's a big boy!  Very long.  He does look pretty good.   If he were my pup, I'd probably let him grow into that weight a bit as he fills out.  In other words, I don't know if I'd have him lose weight but I'd try to keep him where he is as he starts to grow his chest.  He'll look much more balanced when his chest deepens over the next year or so.   He could probably lose a pound or so on his topline, especially right behind his last ribs, but like I said I think I'd let him grow into it rather than lose it. 

I made the mistake of letting Jack get tubby when his fast growth period ended.  If his growth has leveled off you may want to start cutting back his food just a tad and see how he does.  If he's still growing quickly then keep him where he is.

Don't worry if you have trouble judging weight right now. I found it very hard to judge for the longest time, then my dogs' breeder made a comment that made me look at them differently.  And now I watch their toplines more than anything, because as I said many chubby Corgis keep their waist and put on most of their extra weight along the top.  


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