So the weirdest thing just happened, Kobe was just playing with his bed (biting it like crazy, and jumping around) and then suddenly he started to hump it which was really weird but freaky.. so I was wondering what would be the appropriate age for him to get neutered. He almost 5 months now.

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You should discuss this with your Veterinarian, as each practice may have slightly different ways of handling it, but my Veterinarian neuters and spays at 4 months or later.  Yuki was neutered at 5 months (because I didn't get him until 4 months) and Ellie was spayed at 4 months.  You should give your Vet a call and set up that neuter appointment.  ;)

By the way, neutering won't get rid of mounting behavior.  It often doesn't prevent marking behavior, either.  Go to obedience, work on getting him to follow commands (like "No" if he does start to mark or mount) and try not to be embarrassed if he does start marking or mounting.  :)

It's recommended that you wait until they're a year or so to allow for the growth plates to close and such, but I think 6 months and up is probably fine. Luke was neutered at 7 months because he peed on everything lol. As Jen said neutering doesn't necessarily stop the humping though.

Around 6 months is best. It is important to do it before too many hormones are circulating in order to reduce the risk of prostate cancer later in life, but doing it too young can cause males to have increased problems with urinary stones.

Traditionally six months, some sources now suggest at around one year to allow growth plates to close.  

think about it hard.i got yohan nuetured and he turned out to be such a great dog that now i wish i would of made him a stud so i could have a mini yohan:-( btw neuturing wont break the habit.yohan still humps his big toy but atleast his pink thing dosnt stick

Due to higher health issues associated with pediatric neutering at least one year.   Or wait a few months longer and Esteritol will be out so he can be sterilized without losing all testosterone production.  

The whole neuter at 6 months thing has no scientific basis for being beneficial and has higher incidences for cancer, injury, etc.  Most practices recommend it because that is just the way it has always been done.

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