What are my chances? To get a dog to lose major weight. Update...we will be getting Zip...in June

I recently fell in love with a 2 year old Corgi with major weight issues and I am wondering if I were to get him if I could "help" him loose weight. I will be asking the owner to weigh him for me but for now he just looks like a very overstuffed sausage. Now I do feed good food and NONE of my dogs have any weight issues. The owner has had him checked for thyroid and it's fine and she will also let me return him if there are any other issues. I am just  feeling sooooooo bad for this beautiful boy with a wonderful personality and want to "save him" before  his weight causes forever problems.


2/12/11 We recently decided as a family that we would like to give Zip a loving home and a chance to help him loose weight! Just found out this am that they will let us have Zip:): Can't wait till June!

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I am so excited for you!  (and especially for Zip--now he can have a healthy life!).  I can't wait to see photos!
Jane, sounds like we're in the same boat! A few days ago I adopted an obese corgi (he's 42.2 pounds).Our weight loss plan is to I'm walk him everyday or at least every other day, and feed him 1/2 cup of Blue Buffalo twice a day. No table scraps, which isn't hard, because I didn't give my last dog scraps anyway. Treats will be very limited, but occasionally he gets a low-fat Nutro Natural Choice biscuit. I'm expecting to see results soon! He was getting LOTS of scraps in his last home!
Yay, thats great!!  Zippidty do da Zippity day, oh my, my what a wonderful day!!  Sorry had to sing it.  :)  Yay for Zip!!
Thanks Emily and Natalie...I can't wait to hear updates on you big boy Emily and Natalie...that's exactly where my brain goes with a name like Zip!
Did you read the story of the 70 lb corgi.  The lakeshore corgi rescue had her and they helped her lose her weight.  I found the web site about the 70 lb corgi on The Daily Corgi, but I am sure you could just google her. 


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