I know all Corgis have a myriad of verbal, aduitory  and visual cues that trigger all kinds of amusing reactions. One of  best triggers  Gunny has is when I sit at the kitchen table paying bills . He sits by my feet watching intently.He listens carefully for when I tear a check from the check book. He will then run to the back door in anticipation of me  exiting to go to my car for a trip to the bank or to the postoffice. He seems to know that he will be taking a trip in the car to a place where he often gets a snack bone( to two or three) ! They even give me bones to bring home to him when I go to the bank without him.

When he hears aluminum foil or plastic wrap being torn he runs to his food dish. Why you ask?Because I have, in the past, picked up his food dish if he has left the food uneaten for very long ( wet food gets yucky if left out) and I covered it with one of those wraps before putting it in the frig. If I tear the wrap material and his food dish happens to be empty he will whine and run around the kitchen. Bonkers!

What are some of your Corgi's amusing triggers?

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Sophie gets riled up when hubby turns off the TV at night before her last nighttime meal and then potty trip; apparently she thinks we won't remember to feed her. She also goes nuts in the morning about 10 minutes before we leave for work because she gets a Kong full of treats when we leave. If we are running late she lets us know it's time to leave (which is handy) but if we don't have to go in quite as early, she still barks like mad (not so handy). She goes nutty when she sees us putting on shoes and me putting on lipstick because that means we're going out and she might get to go along. Our first corgi, Asta --who is no longer with us :o( -- did this same thing.

I forgot to say that Asta, our first corgi, would FRAP and do figure eights around the dining room table, then around the kitchen, if anyone said a nickname that one of my students gave her, "Walter Pup-a-lumpus." She'd just go absolutely nuts. If she was getting antsy about something or too nosy about what we were doing, we'd be able say it to have her burn off steam with a good FRAP.

Whenever my phone starts ringing, Ellie goes nuts.  She runs around in circles until I answer it, and if I don't answer it fast enough, she'll start barking at me.  Very difficult to start a conversation with a barking Corgi in the background.  I think she does it because it's also my alarm clock, and when it wakes her up in the morning she knows she's getting cuddles and then a walk.

Also, pant legs.  Whenever Ellie hears me getting dressed, she zooms into the room and has to sniff the pant legs until she's content.  If I don't give her enough time to sniff, she'll step on the fabric and hold it in place until she's done sniffing.

Boo Bear will sing with the daily 6 pm and noon whistles.  His voice is low, and sounds like a seal so when he does sing it's hilarious...  He continues during the sirens and when done, he looks at us for approval and we clap and laugh..  This seems to satisfy his ego.

When I put food in his bowl, he has to make sure that all the food is even.  So he nudges his food with his nose, if he can't get it perfectly even, he takes his nose and shoves some out of the bowl (which he'll eat that right away), then returns to his bowl to even it out some more.  Once done, he again looks at us for our approval.  "Look what I did mom, isn't it just perfect?"  Then he goes about eating his food very carefully not disturb the "evenness" of the morsels.

He cracks me up several times a day.

Brody goes crazy when I pick up toys to vacuum. He hates the vacuum. It must die.

Whenever I get ready and do my makeup and hair he immediately finds a toy and tries to play tug because he knows I'll be sitting in one place for a while.

He also reacts to sneezes but, unlike most corgis, he doesn't get up in your face to see if you're ok, instead, he runs away to his crate lol. I don't know why they scare him.

If I put on my running shoes he gets excited and knows it's time for a walk or, even better, the PARK!

If his collar happens to be off and we pick it up, the jingle from his tags means he's going outside! They must remind him of his bells that he rings to go potty.

When I put on my flip flops and grab my iPad he knows I'm going to go sit outside for awhile and runs to the back door. If I grab my purse he knows I'm leaving and runs to his crate for treat.

One slightly embarrassing trigger, my fiancé will make fart noises with his mouth and it drives me nuts. So, when Brody hears him doing that he'll run to his bed cause he knows mommy is about to yell.

If we hug, Brody will intercept. If he tickles me or something, Brody thinks he's attacking me and will regulate.

The worst is if I'm talking baby talk to other dogs and say "good boy/girl" or "aww look at the puppy"... Brody gets very jealous. OR if we are watching other corgi videos on YouTube, Brody goes nutsssss hearing other owners talk to their dogs or hearing dogs bark.

There are soooo many triggers!!


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