UPDATE: What are things you wish you had known about Corgis before you got one?


I am wanting to start a blog about responsible dog ownership.  I talk a lot about responsible dog ownership on Reddit and I find myself writing the same things over and over.  It will be easier and more thorough for me to write a blog that I can reference!  


For one of my posts, I want to write an overview on owning Corgis for those thinking about adopting.  Our midget pals are growing more popular with the Royal Wedding and all that, and as you know, Corgis really aren't for everyone.  If I can prepare future owners for the task they face, I can go to sleep a happy owner.


So, what are things you wish you knew about Corgis before bringing one home?  Anything.  Temperament issues, health issues... whatever! 

UPDATE: Since this thread was resurrected, thought I would put a link to the finished product: Own Responsibly: The Comprehensive Corgi Guide- A Resource for New ...



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I'm a reluctant morning person, having to rise and shine at 6:30 am weekdays.  I tell Gracie on Friday night that tomorrow is Saturday and we can sleep in but she doesn't make the connection.  :)   WHOMP!   It's MORNING!!!  
That's funny. I thought P.D. was the only one who whomps the bed to wake us when it's too late by Pup standards. Otherwise he jumps up on the side, standing up because he can't make the jump, and whines to come up and get petted. Or to police the bed for mysterious things that move under the covers. Then he growls, barks, and bites them; ten no one sleeps.

Charlie does that too! Sometimes I get lucky and he lets me sleep in, but for the most part, anywhere from 6-7am he does any or all of the following:


-poking me with his nose (HARD)

-laying on my FACE and more whining (as much as it's annoying, this one's my favorite! I wish I could record him doing this...)


They sure can nip! My 15lb 6 month old corgi can take down my 45lb cattle dog and my 80lb Aussie/Rottie mix! And she can jump on high furniture that's like 4x higher than she is! And she has a marvelous sense of humor!!!
Thanks rachel....I just scanned it but it looks great:)
thanks a lot for the very comprehensive info about the corgi. this should be required reading for all would-be corgi owners.
I wish I had known long ago how much having a dog like this would enrich my life.  I've had cats for years (still do) and love them to bits.  But having Jake is so much more of an interactive experience - I can't imagine not having his bunny butt following me around the house, or his playful growl when he's running after a squeaky-toy.  He puts life in perspective for me and somehow always makes sure I know not to take things too seriously.

Mark, I couldn't have said it better myself.   Ditto on the cats and waiting so long to finally come home with a furry friend that has surpassed my wildest dreams as a pal, confidante and goofball extraordinaire!  Let's just spoil them silly!  :)  

I whole heartily agree!
Thanks Waffle,  Coco and Dino
That when some one told me that they only shed twice a year I would have had enough sense NOT to believe them. I didn't think they meant only January-June and then June -December. I learned. That and the I only hear what I want to hear. I can call and be ignored and whisper food and they hear that from 5 miles away.
Wonderful! I just read the finished product and you did a great job.


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