UPDATE: What are things you wish you had known about Corgis before you got one?


I am wanting to start a blog about responsible dog ownership.  I talk a lot about responsible dog ownership on Reddit and I find myself writing the same things over and over.  It will be easier and more thorough for me to write a blog that I can reference!  


For one of my posts, I want to write an overview on owning Corgis for those thinking about adopting.  Our midget pals are growing more popular with the Royal Wedding and all that, and as you know, Corgis really aren't for everyone.  If I can prepare future owners for the task they face, I can go to sleep a happy owner.


So, what are things you wish you knew about Corgis before bringing one home?  Anything.  Temperament issues, health issues... whatever! 

UPDATE: Since this thread was resurrected, thought I would put a link to the finished product: Own Responsibly: The Comprehensive Corgi Guide- A Resource for New ...



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We've had 6 Pem Corgis.  All different personalities, but all smart, funny,active, trainable, and extremely personable.  I never "get" all the talk of stubborn etc.  They DO have a definite opinion about almost everything and will often talk back, but not yappy. My dogs have pretty much gotten along with people, kids, dogs other animals.  The females are more likely to have neurotic or nervous tendencies if they exist.  The main downside is the shedding, which seems to very a lot from one to another.  On the other hand they're the cleanest least smelly dog I've ever been around.  I do tell people that if you don't train them they'll train you.  I DO start training right from the beginning and they learn the things they're interested in extremely fast.  They know when you tell them to do something, whether you REALLY mean it and intend to enforce it, so maybe in that sense they're stubborn. They have the most human-like personality of all the breeds...that's a quote from a Border Collie owning trainer who has never owned a Corgi.  Murray does like being the class clown at agility training, but I don't consider that a negative, although sometimes a little irritating.  Maybe people need to know that a good Corgi is a well exercised ( both body and brain ) Corgi.  Also that they are not  a good dog for someone who wants an undemanding lap dog or backyard dog.
I should have researched the breed better.  I expected shedding but not by the handfuls.  My housekeeping has tripled since bringing Ellie home so that I don't have pet hair tumbleweeds all over the house.  I brush her but it never ends--I can brush her for an hour and still be getting just as much hair as when I started--sometimes I wonder how she isn't bald after all that brushing.  My husband wasn't against getting a dog, but he is against the massive amounts of pet hair on the floor, on our clothes, on the furniture, on ........          We love her anyway, but sometimes I feel like my life has been taken over by pet fur.
Have you tried the furminator, it works wonders.  I would suggest doing it outside because the are some escape "tumbleweeds" created during the process.  I don't think anyone can really express to a non Corgi owner how much they really shed.  However with no carpeting, furminator, lint brush, Dirt Devil 12 amp stick vacuum, and Swifter......I shall conquer the world! (my world)

hahaha my question to you all Having fun yet with the shed?? i was bathing Frankie last night and while scrubbing his back i suddenly felt the strangest thing.. hair all over my hands!!  falling out in the bath, like crazy!! I had not noticed  him losing as much, since hes just 7 months but i do believe we are on the edge of something lol .. Carly already blew her coat and , of course sheds daily as well..


my mommy & daddy have 2 of us nubby legged peoples in fur coats. they say I'm the bestest but that I am very emotional & sensitive, but listen good. I pout when I'm sad and sit in the corner & go murrrrrr. they say "woe is me" a lot - what that mean? my little sister is what my mommy & daddy call chaos. she eats the furniture ( I really liked the ottoman- it was my perch), mommie shoes and has more energy then the labradoodle next door ( she makes me tired). each one of is different I thinks but we all shed, can get fat (I work out with medicine ball to stay trim) and are big talkers (we talk more then bark). my mommy said she never realized how much we have to say esp. when she gets home from work, we just tell her about the birds who mess with me and sister in the backyard (I'm getting sick of them honesty). can someone talk to my mommy about the funny clothes she gets for us? pur big sister who is a chi-hooA-hooA likes them but I already have a nice fur coat.
That I would never want to own another breed of dog more than a Corgi.
Haven't had time to read through all the pages posted on this topic, so forgive me because I'm sure someone's had to have mentioned the shrill, high-pitched bark, esp. around squirrels!
That bark is unbelievable!! Frankie has it and we have to scold him to stop, and squirt with water !! Its so hard on the ears when hes in our house..

How interesting - Jake has a very "big dog" bark - if you can't see him when he barks, you'd think there was a huge German Shepherd making all the ruckus.

@S,G, & P - Actually, Lucy sleeps on our bed. R/R chooses to sleep in his crate. He loves it. He doesn't want to leave it in the morning. Lucy likes to sleep late, too. One of the reasons I've had Corgis my whole life. I'm not a morning person and neither are my Corgis.  ; )
Well I must have some other breed of dog because mine whomps into the side of my bed shaking me awake when she thinks I've slept too long...at 7 a.m.! Her eyes sparkle and she grins like a fool <--my definition of a morning person. Haha.
That's so funny. All my corgis love to sleep in, just like me! Lucy sleeps on our bed and Ricky-Rafa prefers his crate. They are always lying on their backs, feet up in the air and give me the fish-eye if they think I want to make them get up. RR actually will get out of his crate and then plop down on the floor and try to go back to sleep. You aren't a morning person naturally, right?


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