what behavios to look for when choosing a puppy for agility

  My bf and I are going to meet a litter tomorrow.
I've been researching like mad (and asking ishie, who is my aunt) but I figured I should use as many resources as possible.

I know I don't want a super shy dog, or the first pup that runs up to me. I know how to check for soundness. The mom is on site too.
This is moms first litter but the owner knows her corgis. I know she can help me too.

Should I bring a tunnel or something?? I'm just not sure what tests I can do to help me determine agility potential.

Thank you for your help, as always. I'm wanting to be as informed as possible!!

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I think what you need to look for, rather than "agility potential" per se, is a very confident and people-oriented pup. Agility requires a lot of confidence to try new things. If they have that, you will be able to introduce them to all of the appropriate equipment. Also, if they are people-oriented, they will be more likely to focus on you and stay tuned for your directions. If they have those things, and good, proper conformation (which is actually very much the same as what you'd find on a good conformation/"show" dog) then the rest will all follow with age. =)
If it were me, I'd mostly let the breeder choose, since it can be tough to judge personality unless you've had lots of exposure to lots of litters of puppies. Other than that, I agree that you want a confident dog who is outgoing but also not the bossiest one in the litter.

I wouldn't bring equipment. See if they handle basic things. Do they explore new sounds, or run back to the litter, or hide? Will they try to climb up a step or over your shoes if they are in the way, or sit down and whine at you? Do the pups tumble over you when you sit on the ground or clap your hands, or do they hang back?

But for me, when we picked a pup, we said "this is what we want" and the breeder said "I have two pups who meet that criteria" and we took home the first little fuzzball she brought out to us!
I would look for a breeder that checks hips. You will want a physically sound puppy and that will improve your chances. I agree that the breeder should be the best judge as far as predicting personality but also see both parents and pay attention to how they respond to you. Good luck! By the way it is really hard to go see puppies and not go home with one so try to research before you go.
I have been owned by 2 corgis so far and they were/are sooooo different. The first one was not good at agility. My current corgi, Bailey is great at it! Bailey is fearless and will try new things. He is also very curious and also athletic. Look for these traits and you will find what you are looking for.
I am exhausted but happy right now. The female tri was EXACTLY what we were looking for!!
Will explain better in an introductory post on her (not sure where to put that post yet..?)
But I am now one proud corgi mama. My other dog has been GREAT about it too. We're making sure to still give him tons of loves and playtime with us. (Which wasn't too hard yesterday, due to a fairly sleepy puppy!)

Pics to come in another post, after I take a nap!


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