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We were feeding California Natural Lamb small bites, but it was recalled.

Then I tried Halo Lamb, but it made one dog very itchy.  

Then I met a lady with a very trim 15 year-old corgi at the pet food store and asked what she feeds her dog.  Grandma Lucy's.  It's a dehydrated food.  I bought the lamb performance variety.  It mixes up with hot water like instant oatmeal.  The dogs are loving it.  

For treats I give them various Zuke's.  I cut the jerky into four little pieces.  They don't care how big the piece is, they just want a treat!

I am still marveling at her lovely 15 year-old corgi.  Dog looked great.  Lady said "Leonard Bernstein" was her dog's papa and that was why she looked so good.

I feed my dogs a mixture of hopefully high quality foods - Grandma Lucy's, Spring Naturals, and raw (primal, natures variety, and stella & chewys).  I did that some with my last dog and she lived to be 14 yr. but on the other hand, the corgi I grew up with lived to be 16 1/2 yr. and he was fed mostly Science Diet.  Who knows? But I do believe in diversifying their foods so if there is a deficiency in one of them it should be covered by the others.  The only problem is that if you have a problem, you have to do some detective work to figure out which food is causing the problem.

On another note, I remember that dog's sire - Ch Howbout Leonard Bernstein.  I probably have pics of him in some of my old Corgi Newsletters.


Thank you for the warning. I'm glad Mini is okay. I usually give Tipper the smallest size because the medium size does seem a bit risky. She loves them and she loves Greenies too. I started her on them because I wanted to avoid huge dental bills at the vet so she looks forward to having one after meals. Are there any other brands that are equally good for cleaning teeth without the possible choking risk?


Thanks Rachelle, I think the problem with them is they must taste really good and they eat them too fast, I am afraid after that though, and give Mini Milk Bone type biscuits in mint or ones labeled for breath. I live by Harris Teeter here in NC and their brand dog biscuits often go on sale buy 1 get 1 and both dogs love them!  They have a breath one too. Other than that I don't know, Greenies got sued by a lot of owners for choking and their biscuits not dissolving right in stomach a while back.  After that and my dog choking I stick to simple old biscuits!

Instead of giving my girls Greenies or otherwise chewies for their teeth, I started them on this stuff called PlaqueOff from ProDen. I got it from Amazon and add it to their morning food serving along with the K9 Glucosamine liquid. It's been two weeks now and the yellow grunge on their teeth is completely gone. 

Didn't expect the stuff to work but hey, it was a pleasant surprise. Didn't even have to scrub their teeth. 

We've been using Plaque Off as well.  We've been using it for about 8 weeks and Wilson Waddlepants teeth are sparkling white and our Beagle Foxhound who is 3 years old whose back teeth were starting to get some light plaque on them are white too.   Our 14 1/2 year old West Highland terrier has not been able to have his teeth cleaned since he developed congestive heart failure and I was concerned about the plaque building up on his back teeth.  At this point it's harder with him to tell what improvement there has been, though I have read about people being able to pick at the plaque and having it pop off the back teeth.  If proden keeps further plaque from developing I'll be delighted, if I'm actually able to remove some of the plaque that would be a terrific.  My goal is to never have my dogs anesthetized again for teeth cleaning.  It seems dangerous and unnecessary to me.  Our dogs all gnaw on elk antlers on a daily basis.

Howbout Leonard Bernstein. I look for pictures of him afterwards. This daughter is named Ginger. Absolutely beautiful at fifteen. Most corgis I see are a bit overweight. Ginger was very trim. So I think my dogs will benefit from the same diet.


You know it's funny because I tried to break a Greenies into smaller pieces and it was impossible to do so. That should have been a hint! Plus, Mr. Chewy's no longer offers Dentastix for sale. I wonder if they received complaints about it. Maybe I should return to giving her good old Milk Bone. It has been around forever! Kat, thanks for The Plaque Off tip. I will try it. The only thing is that Tipper is used to having a treat once or twice a day so I'm also going to sub the Milk Bone for her usual treat since I don't want to take a risk with choking.

Rosemary, you're right about Dentastix, though. I don't know what they put it in but Tipper does chew it very fast. She loves it.

It lodged way in the back of her throat sideways, totally blocking the throat, kind of behind where the teeth ends.  I took numerous courses in human CPR, and while she was choking grab her, position her a certain way while she was freaking out about choking, and stick my hand down her throat to retrieve it, as no one else was home!  It was not easy to do as I had to kind of football hold hold her down and I had trouble getting the thing out!  I had to keep trying.  I almost lost her right in front of me, will never forget.  

If you think about it, why would you feed an animal like a hard plastic type treat that doesn't break down easy?  It's not natural at all and they are quite expensive and I question they even do that much.  Please be careful, as she may break off a large chunk and swallow it.   I just give plain 'ol dog biscuits, no more of that stuff for me!


I actually read that Science Diet isn't as high quality a food as they lead you to believe and that if you bring your dog to a vet who sells it that you should stop bringing your dog to that vet because they aren't promoting the healthiest diet for your dog so why should you trust them in other areas?

I am wondering if you've heard that beef isn't good for dogs? I started using Beef Pet Guard as a topper after reading that the best breed-specific diet for Corgi dogs is beef and seafood instead of chicken but then I read that beef isn't good for dogs. I'm like you..I think variety is best so I alternate between the beef and chicken Pet Guard and from time to time I use sardines or yogurt as toppers. I know that liver isn't good for dogs if it's feed too often, but beef?

I have to disagree with the comment that if your vet sells Science Diet than you shouldn't be going there.  I've been with my vet for 33 years.  I do and have trusted him with the life of my pets and will continue to do so.  My vet has the Science Diet along with other prescription foods for both cats and dogs.  He has never pushed it on me at all.  In fact he said that many dogs (and cats) actually don't like the taste of it and it was years ago he told me that.

I think we all want to feed our animals the best diet we can to keep them healthy and active.  Just like humans, animals respond to different foods in different ways.  What works for one may not be the best for another.  I have heard people put down Blue Buffalo.  I switched mine to Blue over a year ago and I am more than happy with the results for both the dogs and the cats.  But that is me.  The only diet I would say is bad for our dogs is nothing but table scraps....the rest, each owner has to figure what is best for their dog on an individual basis.

I forgot where I read that information about Science Diet, but i do think it highlights the fact that it's good to look at multiple sources before deciding what to feed. An expert who supports feeding a raw diet would not likely support feeding a dog Science Diet or any commercial food.

There is so much conflicting information out there and it is true that dogs do well on varied diets. I think that's why it's hard to know what's best to feed.


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