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Totally agree that there is so much conflicting information out there.  I did have to feed one of my senior cats a Science Diet prescription food.  He was prone to blockages (poop not urine) and it was the only food I could find that was geared to his problem.  After years of trying all sorts of diets with him it was the only one that helped cut down on the blockages.  I lost him at age 18 to kidney failure.  And it was my vet who suggested the other diets in an effort to help him but we finally had to go with the Science Diet.

The big thing is to keep the weight off. If I feed what the bag says, it is too much. Bag lies. Too much weight hurts them. Keeping weight down is very challenging. Especially because so many corgis are overweight so that seems normal. I often give them green beans as treats. And I give them local honey to help with allergies.
I feed natures recipe adult to Klaus. I fed natures recipe to Panzer as well and never had issues with weight. Only one I have weight issues with is Kirby the jack russel because he chases mice and gophers on our farm LOL.

Weight is always the big issue.  Max was 54 lbs when we got him...he's a big boy but that was way beyond what was healthy.  His healthy weight is 37 lbs.  I was feeding Pedigree weight along with not-fat yogurt or cottage cheese for breakfast and fat free chicken with a veggie at night.  Got the weight off beautifully.  But winter time when he wasn't getting as much exercise he would put on a few pounds.  Treats were carrots with 1 small milkbone a day. 

The only thing I changed in his diet since is switching to Blue...he did not put on any extra weight this winter.  Neither did Katie.  And Dawn is so right about not going by what the bag says.  Even my vet said feed less not only for the dogs but also for the cats. 

Dehydrated raw from The Honest Kitchen and a raw mince I get from the butcher

Our dogs love split elk antlers.  They're hard, they don't break apart or splinter, they gnaw on them for 20 minutes at a time and they last forever.   The X-Large size is good for Corgis. 

I've been feeding Reggie Diamond Puppy food. He seems to love it.

Although he tends to seek out the cat food when mom isn't looking...

Puppy food isn't good for corgs. It can cause their bones to grow too quickly and be painful or deformed. You need to put him on an all life stages food. Also, Diamond does not have very good food practices. It's not a good company.

It was what his breeder was feeding him. I tried switching him to Purina and he wouldn't eat it. We used to feed our cats Diamond cat food until it got too expensive (we have 4 cats). I told the vet what I was feeding him and he seemed to think it was working well for him. 

Problem is, he keeps trying to eat adult dog food and the cat food. I really don't get his food tastes.

Most vets don't know that corgs are like large breed dogs in growth. So the extra growth stuff in puppy food isn't needed. Purina isn't a good food either. Look at You want at least a 4 or 5 star all life stages food for a corg. I feed Orijen. Yes, you spend more money per bag, but you feed less and it's better for the dog. You don't ever want to see corn or by products in the dog food you feed.

I've never met a dog owner who was sorry after they switched their dog to a food that had no grains and no meat by products in it.   The closer you can get to the food a dog's ancestor's ate, the better.  Since that was raw flesh, bones, organs, and stomach contents, most people have a long way to go.  We don't feed raw, but so far we have switched our 14 1/2 year old Westie to home cooked food.  The right amount of meat for his weight plus pureed vegetables, krill oil, and Wysong Call of the Wild food supplement.  Our beagle foxhound and 8 month old Corgi are eating a commercial grain free kibble plus krill oil and Wysong C-Biotic food supplement.  Some day I may make the switch and cook their food as well.  It's a lot of work.

I'm actually switching back to the BARF diet for my girls now that I can handle chicken again. Both of my dogs gained 5 lbs just being on the dry kibble stuff, and I feel horrible for letting them go for so long on it.

We buy chicken at $1 a lb(or less, usually the whole chicken and alternate who gets the back portion with all the kidneys and organs each day), cut it into pieces and bag it by specific portions. (merlot gets 8.5 o per feeding, twice a day. Lainie gets 4.5 oz) then we supplement with the seameal, fish oil, and glucosamine. Once they get back into raw, I won't need that dental cleaning stuff since they only got build up on their teeth from the kibble. 

we also gave treats in the form of steamed veggies (carrots and peas mostly. Lainie goes nuts for peas!) And I've never seen them more excited for food time than when we gave them raw.


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