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I feed my Puppy costco puppy food..She is really healthy and has shiny fur....

  But is it bad?

That's what was recommended by my corgi's breeders. They were a family with a few sheepherding corgis out on a huge farm, not being bred for show.

I was surprised at the ratings being better than I thought they would be. You can check out all dog food ratings on Dog Food Advisor. Watch out for any that has corn for a 1st ingredient. The questionable ingredients will be in red.

I try to avoid corn at all, though I don't believe "grain" in general is necessarily bad. Knee-jerk response on my part, probably: I had a greyhound that was indisputably allergic to corn.

My concern with Costco's dog food (and just about every other major brand) is whether it's made in China. There's no quality control in China, and because of the way the economy operates, a lot of bribery and under-the-table stuff goes on. Hence poisonous toothpaste and dog food that kills dogs and explosions that level a whole district in a port city. That's why I make my own: even when a maker claims X or Y is "made in America," that often means "with parts or ingredients fabricated in China and imported to the US."

Good point Vicky. I actually switched to a grain free food made WI.It was recommended by the owner of a store in go to.

Raw, Prey protocol

I feed our corgis Biljac. A third of a cup twice a day with a heaping tablespoon of cottage cheese. In the morning, they get a squirt of flax seed oil, teaspoon of vitamin c, PhytoFlex (scoop inside the bottle each) and an opened up capsule of glucosamine mixed in with their breakfast. They enjoy Charlie Bears and Iams puppy biscuits.

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