I usually stuff Becca's Kongs with peanut butter and a treat then freeze them. Occasionally I use Honest Kitchen instead of peanut butter. I'd like to mix it up a little now that I'm back teaching all day. Any suggestions?

*Plain yogurt is one of the few foods she doesn't like.

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Peanut butter is great! What I do I ground up flax seed and mix it in the peanut butter. But cottage cheese they love! You can always give your dog vanilla yogurt instead of plain. Baby rice is amazing. You mix it with water and it's thick and extremely healthy you get it in the baby food section its kinda thick like yogurt.

I don't use kongs because I have two and it just doesn't work out.   Peanut butter is very high-calorie and you may find that as Becca reaches full maturity you can't use it very often.   How about some mashed banana mixed in?  You can use the stage 1 baby food that is just chicken or turkey (with no onion or other seasonings).  Some people use a high-quality canned dog food and then cut back the main meal by an appropriate amount.  Does she like low-fat cream cheese?  Some dogs can't tolerate dairy, others can, so try it cautiously.   How about canned pumpkin?  

I mash a banana and mix some peanut butter and plain yogurt together and freeze it in ice cubes.  Maybe with the added flavor she'd like the yogurt?  

You can mix a bit of her kibble in some unseasoned chicken broth as well.

Beth: can you clarify on the pumpkin? One time my well meaning son made a treat of frozen pumpkin for the dogs and they all ended up with a bad case of runs. I think I read they should get one teaspoon? I just gave Snickers some for the first time today because she has had very soft stools since her surgery and I was hoping it would help. I don't want it worse!

Also, where do they get their treat cubes? I am imagining them on the carpet- ugh.

For pumpkin I would give maybe a tablespoon or so a day.

The ice cube treats are just the size of regular ice cubes. They are gone too quickly to make a mess. Two crunches and that's about it...

I do not actually stuff our Kongs. When I am leaving the house I smear some Kraft spray cheese inside. They love it and when it is smeared around it takes awhile to lick it out without them getting a lot. One of mine has to be kenneled and when she sees me with a Kong she races to her kennel. It is very soothing for them to just lay down and lick.

My dogs really like vegetables so I make a simple stew with low sodium chicken broth, green beans, broccoli, mexican squash, cabbage and carrots. I let it cook for an hour so it gets all mushy and once its done I let it cool and add it into their kongs and freeze it. They really seem to like it, and they haven't had any tummy issues yet. 

I also do what Beth does and mix mashed bananas, peanut butter and honey sweetened yogurt and let it freeze. They love it, but I only give it to them once a week at the most. Too much and they get soft stools. 

Kongs are usually a last minute thing so we put kibble in it and "seal" it with a small amount of peanut butter.  They aren't an everyday thing, so I don't worry about the calories.  The other ideas are really good, I'll have to try them.

I make a mash with peas/green beans in my food processor. I will mix in some chicken broth for flavor and stuff the kongs and freeze that. Frank loves it

My three corgis love frozen anything in their Kongs.  Low fat cottage cheese, yogurt, cooked green beans, pumpkin, low fat mozzerella,  peanut butter....  It may only be two teaspoons, but I most artfully smear and freeze the Kongs the night before.  After reading some of the posts, I know I'm going to try the vegetable moosh and maybe the Kraft spray cheese! 

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'm trying to give her things to keep her occupied during the day. Do any of you stuff empty marrow bones?

Becca has been doing wonderful being out of her crate. Well, she destroyed a pen or three, but honestly I think the cat gives them to her.

I've never tried marrow bones on my dogs. Do they splinter easily? I gave Tomahawk one of those giant bones from petsmart once and he ended up expelling crumbly poop the next day. It scared me so I haven't gone back to bones. If they are safe I would be willing to try stuffing a marrow bone and see how it goes.

We use marrow bones and have not had a problem with it splintering. It is much less of a challenge than a kong and it works better when frozen. I would say that a frozen bone completely packed full will last Clutch about 10 minutes if he doesn't have anything else to distract him. It is a good thing to leave him with when we know we won't be gone long.

I usually use a mixture of peanut butter (he is a skinny little man), mashed bananas, and frozen peas. We also use green beans and yogurt. Clutch doesn't do well with pumpkin but it is easy to use if your dog can tolerate it.


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