Hi. I am brand new to the forum and to Corgis. I am about to get a mismarked Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy and I wanted to know what you guys thought about him, whether you notice anything apparently wrong with him (other than the face mismark, which is quite big, pretty much all white, unlike most face mismarks I´ve seen online -this is the only Corgi breeder in Argentina and I had never seen one "in the flesh" until I went there, as a matter of fact I knew the breed through Cowboy Bebop-).

I also wanted to hear any tips you may have on training, feeding, etc and any potential dangers I should look out for. Also, how best to introduce him to my cat. She is a stray (named Kali) that I´ve had for some 4 years now, she is around 7 or so and is very loving and affectionationate. She was used to my old dog, a 14 year old Beagle (named Gandalf, I really miss him a lot), they never fought, Gandalf pretty much ignored her, and so did she, though she would sometimes take a swipe at him, though I´m not sure if playing, saying "hey, that´s far enough!" or what, but I would always chastise her when I saw her do it.

Here is a picture of him (he will be called Ryuk) and I was told he was some 22 days old and that I can go pick it up starting on July 20.

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Upon seeing the picture my sister in law mentioned that dogs that are predominantly white and the area surrounding their eyes is pink(ish) have a higher chance of developing cancer. Is this true? Also, is it normal for the nose to be pink or does it darken as it grows older?

Never heard of any association between pigment coloration and cancer in any breed. If both occurred in an individual dog, I would deem it purely coincidental. As for pigment in general, many breeds and puppies have pink on nose, lips, palate, or near eyes at birth and it can darken and fill in as the weeks go by.  Some retain less than ideal pigmentation, which is purely a cosmetic issue. Puppies are a species that is born immature (eyes and ears closed etc.) and color can take time to come in, again often depending on the breed. Coat color can also change, sometimes slightly, sometimes dramatically, again in breed specific ways.

The only association I have heard with lack of pigment and health issues is hearing issues or blindness/eyesight problems. I believe that would be why Anna was recommending checking his hearing. You see this often with white dogs and cats who lack pigment around their eyes/ears. Many of these animals that lack pigment can also have a lot of skin problems but I don't think it'd be a guarantee and its generally those that are almost albino. At the vet I worked at breeds like boxers, bully breeds, and aussies that were predominantly white and/or lacked pigment on their face/ears had a lot more health problems in general but not necessarily cancer, and again it was those that were predominantly white/pink skinned all over their body. Only one specifically that I can think of developed lymphoma at a very young age, but she was sort of a genetic nightmare to begin with. I would just have him evaluated by your vet and make sure hearing and eyesight check out ok.  

Yes, noses start out pink and should eventually fill in. I see he has some black dots starting. Some do take a bit longer but it should turn black. Do his parents have black noses?

I haven´t seen the parents. I saw quite a few adults when I went to the breeder´s back in February or so and the guy pointed out a few that would probably be his parents and none of them had pink noses (as far as I can recall none of the Corgis I saw had them, and it was quite the pack, you should have seen them running all together when we were leaving)

I also have never heard of coloring and cancer.

OK, I just got him and here are some of his first pictures-

PS: I don´t know why the first one (taken at the breeder´s) is upside down, it´s rightside up when I open it on my computer

He is adorable!

Congratulation on the new family member, may your friendship and mutual understanding grow from day to day.... along with your patience :-D  As the saying goes " Please be patient with me, God isn't finished with me yet."

Ryuk is very handsome...congratulations!

He is just the cutest thing!  So fuzzy and soft.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that adorable baby! But there is plenty unique :D! I'm super jealous!
Corgis are a livley breed, they outsmart you more then you want to admit, but as long as our a consistent leader with the ability to smile, they have so much love to give :)
One thing corgi pups are known for is "nipping/biting" which isn't them being mean, it's their herding instinct, there's tons of advice on this site about how to nip it in the bud.
This site has been an overwhelming source of advice and support, everyone is very polite and knows what they're talking about, so you came to the right place!
Best of luck! And congrats!


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