Hi. I am brand new to the forum and to Corgis. I am about to get a mismarked Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy and I wanted to know what you guys thought about him, whether you notice anything apparently wrong with him (other than the face mismark, which is quite big, pretty much all white, unlike most face mismarks I´ve seen online -this is the only Corgi breeder in Argentina and I had never seen one "in the flesh" until I went there, as a matter of fact I knew the breed through Cowboy Bebop-).

I also wanted to hear any tips you may have on training, feeding, etc and any potential dangers I should look out for. Also, how best to introduce him to my cat. She is a stray (named Kali) that I´ve had for some 4 years now, she is around 7 or so and is very loving and affectionationate. She was used to my old dog, a 14 year old Beagle (named Gandalf, I really miss him a lot), they never fought, Gandalf pretty much ignored her, and so did she, though she would sometimes take a swipe at him, though I´m not sure if playing, saying "hey, that´s far enough!" or what, but I would always chastise her when I saw her do it.

Here is a picture of him (he will be called Ryuk) and I was told he was some 22 days old and that I can go pick it up starting on July 20.

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He has plenty of toys to chew on, though at some point I may get him some more. I already have a laser pointer but I should get new batteries for it. My Beagle used to love chasing it.

He doesn´t have a cage, and I´m not getting one for him, he has his basket/bed, but he hardly uses it, he mostly sleeps on the floor or on some of the pieces of cloth we lay out for him.

He is eating Royal Canin Starter Medium , you can see the list of ingredients at that link, and it does include corn among them

Here are a couple pictures. Both his ears are now up

He is very handsome!

He certainly is. He is also driving us nuts (and hurting us) with his nipping, and he still won´t listen to reason, I guess he is still too young. I try to distract him with a toy but even if he hapens to let go of the leg, foot, hand or whatever it is he is currently biting he will be back at it in a matter of seconds, the littlt bugger must have ADD...

Cute pup. But don't let that cute face allow him get away with biting. Start training him to stop nipping and mouthing people right away. If you don't it can escalate into more painful bites if he learns this is acceptable now. Corgis are herders and they are prone to nipping at your legs - they need to learn right away that they can't do that on people!

There's free training tutorials online if you're interested.


I´ll check them out, he is driving us nuts, and it really hurts. I´ve told him no and to let go a million times, I´ve even swatted him away but he just goes right back to biting right away, most of the time you can´t even pet him, hell just turn his head and start biting at your hands or sleeves

adorable white face! :D


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