Oscar Came into my life just at the right time 10 years ago!. We had been looking after an elderly neighbour for 15 years and sadly she passed away in my arms!. I was a bit lost!.  For 14 years I asked my then partner Ian every year could we get a dog we had 3 Burmese cats and every year the answer was the same NO!. 3 months after our neighbours passing I asked Ian the same question this time the answer was Yes!!!! I was onto the websites checking out breeds and got it down to 3 and in the back of my mind It was always going to be a Pembroke Corgi without a doubt!. After waiting weeks and going to the breeder and viewing Oscar and waiting till he was 12 weeks old!. Finally the day came to bring this Bundle of joy home!. He has touched my life and all of those he meets!. He has a nature I can't explain but smile that's all he ever does!. Oscar is no saint! has cost me a fortune but would I be without him NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!

My Partner Paul and I are thinking about semi retiring and buying acerage where we can have more dogs and without a doubt more Corgi's!. Though my next boy will have to come from New Zealand because Australia has the no docking of the tail law here!. and a Pembroke with a tail somehow just doesn't look right!. I'm sorry but that's how it is on that score!. Plus Paul wants to have donkeys we donate to a donkey shelter and he wants a couple. The dogs especially Sam will have a field day!.

Corgi's are an amazing breed they are loyal, loving, faithful dogs!. His temprement is amazing!. I should have had him trained as a therapy dog!.

Oscar maybe 10! 70 in human years but don't tell him that he still thinks he is a young puppy!. I worry as he gets older how we will cope without him thats why I say cherish your pets while you have them!.


Brian & Paul Oscar & Sam

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Oh my, what have they done for me?  After we lost our first corgi to cancer we both knew without a doubt that we wanted another one to share our life.  Some people need to wait a long time before they bring another animal into their life but I can't...it's not about replacing, that isn't possible...it's about filling a void with a new personality.  Our first corgi was a rescue so that is the way we wanted to go.  I was working full time and the necessary puppy training is hard in that situation.  I called a corgi club in MA and the woman told me she had one coming in within a week.  It was one of her own pups that had been taken as a 10 week old, he was an adult now.  The original family had split up with the husband taking the dog.  His new wife didn't like him.  After a long discussion with the breeder she realized that we have always been an animal family.

When we went to pick him up we were greeted by a 54 lb shaved bald fluffy.  He was probably the ugliest dog I had ever seen...looked like a pot belly pig with a corgi head.  But somehow on the 3 hour ride home he worked his way into my heart like no other dog I have ever had.  We were also told that he bonded with men better then women.  Can't prove that by me....he has been my constant companion from day 1.  I don't know what I would do without him, I get sick thinking about it.  He's almost 11 and has serious problems with his neck that thankfully acupuncture helps so that he acts 5 years younger.  He is also the reason that I now get acupuncture for my back...I never considered it until I saw what it did for him.

We were so impressed with his personality that we now have his niece.  I appreciate that their breeder really goes out of her way to make sure she has good sires for her puppies and brings fresh genes into the bloodline.  Max's father is from S. Africa and Katie's is from England.

Linda that is so wonderful!. I have a question you said your dog has problems with his kneck may I ask what the symptoms are!. I used to always use a harness on Oscar till he got older! now I use a retractable lead he never pulls but sometimes it looks like he is doing something with his head and I wonder if he has a problem with his kneck he isn't in any pain he always smiles and loves having his kneck & tummy rubbed maybe it's nothing (Paranoia on his owners part more than likely) He is going in for his annual shots and health check next week I seeing the head vet I have known and used this vet for the last 27 years and she knows Oscar and me better than anybody I will discuss all these issue's and questions with her next week he always passes his health check with flying colors every year!. Oscar has only ever had 1 issue his left paw somehow he stepped in battery acid! how & where is a mystery??? 1 vet vist and my Partner Paul is an RN he changed all the dressings and a 5 days later all healed!. and 1 month later the hair grew back!. I have been very lucky with him I believe he was a gift from God!. I'm also of the belief that we need animals to fill the void I believe that you remember the pet for who they were when they were alive and I know Oscar would want me to get another Corgi Boy because Oscar would know that Pup would have the same spoilt life that he had enjoyed!.



I think the first sign was a bit of slowing down but I chalked that up to aging...we all get aches and pains.  Max hears Mark's truck before it even turns on to our street, he starts barking and jumping on the door will Mark gets in the house.  He made a jump at the door and came back down on all 4's quickly and completely stopping barking.  He got very subdued.  Then I noticed that he was kind of keeping his head turned a tiny bit to the side.  Over the next couple of days he just got more and more quiet, no barking at all and Max is one of those noisey corgis.  Then I was pettying him and I must have turned his head and he yelped.

I called the vet (who I have been going to for 33 years) and took him in.  They did an exray immediately.  He has a calcification in one of the discs.  We tried anti-inflammatories, basically aspirin and steroids.  Didn't work.  I was sick thinking that I was going to have to make a decision....I will not leave a faithful animal to live in pain or sickness.  A friend suggested acupuncture and gave me the name of a vet in another town who does it.  Max had 8 appointments and was a whole new dog.  He had 4 appointments a year later...end of last summer...because he did the stairs too many times after I got home from vacation.  I could see he was acting a little gingerly so I took him back.  So far he has been fine since last September.

I always used a collar on him...mesh but then had to switch to a harness.  He also has an herbal supplement that I add to his food that targets the neck area.  It would be a good idea to have your vet check it, I wouldn't want him to be in pain.  I'm sure Max was having pain but not enough that it really showed until that last time when he jumped on the door.  Please let me know what you find out.

Corgis add a little something to everything in our lives.

To a tee! This is amazingly accurate! Haha!

LOL, the look on her face is priceless..

What has Lemmy done for/to me....
He has made me an addict: I feel like I need to acquire more Corgis, and once i start browsing pictures of them I can't stop!
He has taught me that even if you're born with one eye, there's nothing stopping you from being a brat.
In relation to the above point, he taught me dogs can be pirates too!
Everyday I have happiness and awesomeness running around my feet, mooching food.
Like John posted, he's brought an extra spice to life!
<3 I'd be lost with out my Lemmy, and Pilot. They're the 2 things in my life I know I can depend on, and they've helped me more then I can acknowledge with the changes my life has under taken in the last few months.

My 9 year old deaf Jack Russell Buddy just fell over dead on a friday morning.  No warning, just looked at us and fell over.  I gave him mouth to mouth the whole 20 minute ride to the vet, and thought he was breathing but it was just me blowing into his mouth.  WE WERE DEViSTATED.  We both cried all day, other dogs just wandered around looking for him.  I called a girlfriend in the afternoon to let her know (She just loved him) and she told me could she call me right back she had something special to tell me.  She works with battered women and had a client that day tell her about her sisters dog.

It seems her sister and her husband, who were both school teachers had a corgi 1 1/2 years old, they had a baby who was 5 months.  The baby was sick ever since they brought it home, take it to the hospital and it would get better till they brought it home and would get sick again.  Did tests and baby was allergic to dog.  They had been looking for someone very special to take their pet in. She ask if it was ok to give them my #, and I said yes we could just talk!!   I mean we were still in shock and crying.  I end up talking to this man who is bawling about having to give up his dog and I am bawling about just losing mine.  I talked to my husband and he said this was just too much like something that was susposed to happen, so The sister in law brought him out for a VISIT.  He walked in and took over, my 8 mo pit bull puppy just fell in love, the cat and him play this chase me chase u game, my old pit could care less.  He stayed!!  Everything is going ok but he NEVER SHUTS UP, talk talk talk, and chew chew chew.  Great watch dog.  I have a 90 # german shepard that lives outside on a cable pull (unless we are out there) and he wants to beat up this big dog!!!    He raises holy hell with him when he is outside in the run and when we tried to introduce him, the shepard wanted to be friends and Hank just wanted to fight him!!!!!!!!    Is this common??  Anyway this is one of those miracle things-------angels sent him to us.  He got a top notch home.  we are 100% dog people, our friends wish they could be our dogs!!  I never in my wildest dreams believed I would have a little sawed off dog  LOL LOL.........he makes me laugh all the time, his endless energy, he sleeps with us and is up many times a night circling the inside of the house watching for whatever they look for.  Am sure I will love him as much as all my other dogs I have ever had.   I am very happy you have allowed me to join, and am looking forward to all you can teach me. 

The list goes on and on, but one thing is that my Corgi has made me more active and healthy.  I never thought I would enjoy running but now I do!  Also, several walks a day, rain or shine, hot or freezing. Thanks to Bogart, a wonderful friend and companion.

totally! walks are like the best part of the day, we both get super excited for them. and it's like before? before i'm sorry to say there are some days that if i'm busy on a project and don't have work, we could go all day without going outdoors.  we're learning about our neighborhood and getting fresh air and exercise now. it's awesome.


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