What job would your dog's choose if they could??

I find it interesting how different my dog's interests are. Sparty would have loved being a hearing assistance dog. He loves to bark and always runs back and forth from the door/phone etc to let us know it is ringing or someone is here. Izzy would be the beauty queen at the dog show. She always wants to be the center of attention and loves to be petted or talked to. Misty would have loved to be a search and rescue dog. She loves walking in the woods with her nose to the ground and is the first to see deer, squirrels etc. What would your dog be?

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Asta would have been a politician /con artist. She was great at schmoozing people and then sneakily getting them to do what she wanted. That, or a teacher; she LOVED kids and loved going to school with me.
Sophie would be a surveillance expert. She loves lying on the back of the couch watching everything that happens, then going nuts if anyone or anything (squirrelish in nature, esp.) enters our yard.
Molly would be a bed tester and Max a professioal playmate, Not the kind in the fold outs
Gwenie would be a fashion expert. She loves clothes and Jewelry. Funny thing she jumps on me for the earrings. No I am not going to give them to her. She has pearls..But no she isn't spoiled. Our Jack in heaven now, would of been a Movie Star.

Im thinking a model, he just seems to enjoy it. For example, tonight I said Lance, I have something for you, holding his Santa bandana, he came and sat right by me and patiently waited for me to adjust the velcro closure on it. He then followed me to the Christmas tree, and laid down in front of it, without me asking more than once...and sat for the picture like a pro.

Of course we will be retaking this pic tommorow with the sunlight to show off his blue eyes, but I just couln't help myself to get a picture now, I mean he was begging for his pic to be taken. :)

What a cute photo! Christmas card?
Thanks Bev :) I just may have to drive my family nuts again and just use his pic in the christmas card and not the kids 2 years ago I sent christmas cards with his pic bigger than the kids, it was a collage card. lol

At least he took the pic willingly, so he should have the biggest pic!!

what a sweetheart!! i think he should be the "Christmas card" all buy himself...  , my daughter thinks ive gone stark raven mad  though  lol

thank you!!  Im thinking he should have a card all to himself as well!!! I just may have to use this for next years Christmas card though, as I sent out my cards this year already without a photo.

Lilliput would simply be in charge.
Sock Accumulator. There are none safe in the house. Joy uses these to communicate issues with the family.
If you are in Joy's doghouse they will be put in the front yard. My last pair ended up in her kennel. I suspect
this was because she was not given yogurt that day.

Feline Menace Wrangler.  She would come equipped with a NERF gun and official badge.  She loves the cats, but she. enjoys. way. too. much. what they look like when they run from her.  :)


* Her name is Molly (the dog), his name is Stewie (the cat), and no animals were harmed in the taking of this photo *  hehe


Annie would be a sausage, Teri would be a school marm, and Nimh would be a gigolo.


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