I live in a state that does not have very many corgis. I guess it's a rarity to ever see one in my city.  I think so far, I've only ever seen ONE OTHER corgi, other than my own.  LOL.

 But for those who don't see or know much of corgis, they usually ask "what is your yorkie mixed with?"


Nothing against yorkies, they are CUTIES pies too, but.... Well... i guess i COULD SEE a yorkie trait in him (if i didn't know him to be a corgi).  He does have the pointy ears and short legs, but then that's about it.

I've also gotten asked if i mixed a yorkie and a brown/white malamute.  LOL...

 IF people didn't recognize what breed your dog was right away as a Corgi. What breed has your dog been mistaken for? 

(but then of course, as soon as i say he is a Pembroke CORGI, they're all like, "OH... like Queen Elizabeth's DOGS??")  LOL


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Yorkie, sheltie, collie... lots of people asking what he is mixed with because he is pretty large or has a fuller coat than they've seen.  

We have 98% of the time gotten "So is she an Aussie mix?" or a variant thereof.

The one time the person didn't think Aussie? She was a veterinary student. ::sigh:: I suppose it's due to her fluffy coat and blue merle coloring.

Your corgi is the cutest thing ever (don't tell my dog I said that). She does look like a mini version of the aussie I had growing up, but corgified. 

First we get the "oh look at the mini sheltie", then we get the oh, is she a purebred? then we get the "oh she is a corgi", and then we get the "oh, Ive never seen a long haired one before."  My daughter has a sable and white corgi and people know what he is right off.

I've had people call Franklin a beagle mix, yorkie, border collie, or aussie. A lot of people know what corgis are in my area but haven't seen a black headed tri so get confused. If they do know what he is they often just yell "CORGI!!" and run over lol. Franklin gets so excited when he hears the word "corgi" now because he knows it means he's going to get cuddled and fawned all over

Everyone knows my rescued red and white girl is a purebred pembroke and she gets so much attention like a movie star. My tricolor is the one who gets grilled. People think he is a hilarious short-legged German shepherd. And he is the one who has AKC papers! I think every corgi I have ever met is absolutely gorgeous. It is lots of fun to have one of each gender. They are such a pair. If you are up to the challenge, I highly recommend two. Seriously twice the fun!

I have been asked what kind of rabbit is my corgi, then I said the meat eating kind!

my husband also says our corgi must be part bunny, cuz on our walks, sometimes momo will just start hopping like one.  LOL...

my hubby calls him the bunny butt.  <3

My pembroke Ein (who has an undocked short tail) gets mistaken by well-meaning folks as a cardigan "because that is the one with a tail!" Heh.

We have been asked if Sophie was a Sheltie/dachshund mix, a mini-German shepherd, and a Australian shepherd/basset hound mix. Once a guy stopped us and said, "That's one of those...uhmmm... I can't think of it... uhmmm... whaddya call it," I said, "corgi" and he actually said, "No. That's not it." YIKES! I can see how people might guess Sheltie or Aussie --- they all have that sweet herding dog face--- but a basset hound???!!! They are cute in their way, but not at all like a corgi.

A guy at the bar today asked me, with a straight face, if my dog was a fox.  Maybe he thought she was one of those domesticated Russian foxes...or maybe he was just drunk.

I say he had one too many drinks, lol :)


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