It may sound silly, but I've been looking for the perfect collar -- soft, sturdy, and of course a very flattering color :).  Right now we've got green going on (I think it looks pretty against the sable/red).  What color/kind of collar does your corgi sport?

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Do you buy any of them locally, or online? I know we live in the same area. I like Dexter's Deli for cool collars and bandanas.
Yes, the nearest Dexter's to us is in Carlsbad, in the Vons/RiteAid shopping center at El Camino Real and I-78 (near the mall). They also have locations in San Elijo Hills and Del Mar. Check them out sometimes, they have lots of cool stuff.
I get martingale collars from Big Doggy Bling!
Oh, those Red Dingo collars have the cutest dog bone buckles, too! Just ordered the dog bowl one for my blue merle.

I'll throw in Up Country; they're well made, adorable and won't deplete your pocket book. (Oops, see that I'm not the only one who likes Up Country. Guess that says a lot.)
Oh dear, I think I will go shopping now!!!!
I think I'm going to get Sidney a new everyday collar from Planet Dog. They make collars from hemp with a fleece lining that are super soft and strong. No pretty patterns or anything, but the green will look good on Sid I think. They also sell in some stores, so I won't have to order online.
I have the green hemp fleece lined leash from Planet Dog and I really like it! I usually use martingale collars on my guys but I may get the matching collar for occasions where he needs a buckle collar.
Jane where do you buy the martingale collars ive been looking for one but havent seen any in the stores here where i live.... can you give me the site please...
Carly is a puller, im not happy with the choke chain or the current harness i have purchased.. so i just bought the prong collar and im not to sure about it either..
I saw someone in pets mart with a martingale and she didnt know where she gout it??
Pricilla, we use Martingale too. I found one at PetSmart, and one at a locally owned pet store. The rest I have bought online, just go to and search for martingale collars. If you want the Planet Dog one, you can either buy it online or search for stores in your area that sell them.
Looks like one place in your hometown sells them:

Bruno's Bathhouse
1217 First National Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX 78418
awesome , i have never heard of Bruno's ! thanks for doing the research for me..
No problem! If they only carry the buckle type and not the martingale, I'd ask them if they could order it for you. If they are a customer-oriented business they'de be happy to do it.


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