As the title says, I would love to hear from all of you on what made you decide on getting a Corgi!

I'll start

- I wanted an indoor medium sized dog that was also somewhat active at the same time so that I can take him to parks,trails and generally outdoor stuff.  I then saw the Corgi flop video on youtube and started researching the breed and everything about them fit the bill.  So in "short"(hahah), Corgi flop Video was what made me want to get a Corgi. What about everyone else?

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Because they look funny with their short and stumpy legs and their big head.

Wanted one for the past 16 years.  THAT FACE.....those LEGS!... the corgi BUTTS!!!!!!

aaaand scene. 

My aunt use to breed/show them when I was really little. I don't really remember, but I guess I use to play with them all the time. As an adult, I just loved those fluffy butts and big ears. I suppose it was one of those phycological things, where an impression from childhood subconsciously carried into adult hood.'s a corgi! how could anyone not love a corgi?!

I had not a clue what a corgi was, but my husband was insistent on that being the kind of dog we got when we were ready. Well, at that time we lived in an apartment and we had hamsters. They ended up dying within 2 months of each other (they lived 3 years which I hear is pretty good for hamsters.) and I was devistated. I basically treated them like dogs where they got to be out of their cage, they would sit in your laps and they even passed my mom's approval (that is saying a lot). After Nacho (husband named him...notice a trend, he also named Noodles.) died, I started researching corgi's and I will say, I wasn't prepared for everything with a corgi, but I'm glad we got a corgi. We got Noodles 2 weeks after Nacho had died. My husband was the push for me doing all the research because he said I was so sad after Bob and Nacho died that I needed a pet to love (and for them to love me). I'm so glad we picked a corgi and I love this breed. Not that I ever want Noodles to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but when his time comes, we will DEFINITELY get two this next time around.  They have the greatest smile and it melts my heart when they look deep in to your soul. I love you so very much Noodleboy!

I spent 13 years working for vets and got to know a lot about different breeds and how they act and react in the worst situations. Not once did we have a corgi come to visit that we dreaded! When we lost our Newfie, we wanted something smaller, but with big dog sturdiness to go with our Boston Terrier. Corgis immediately came to mind for me. We got Kadi last summer and were hooked immediately. Then in February, Brodie showed up on our doorstep, a little gift from God. So now we have two and can barely remember what life was like without them!

When I was about 8 we had a neighbor, who lived next to us very briefly, that had a corgi. It stayed inside most of the time, but when it was let out it always ran over to play. It was so cute and so fun, I just couldn`t help but fall in love with the breed. Who doesn`t love a dog that smiles back?

I have never owned a dog because I have lived in apartments all my adult life. I  thought I preferred big dogs and didn't want to subject the poor thing to a one bedroom without a yard. Therefore, I have had cats (no more than 2 at a time)--I love them. But when I moved to New Hampshire, my living environment changed and I began considering getting a dog. I took me three years to decide. I started researching breeds, what would be best for my lifestyle, etc., and ran across the Corgi. A colleague has a Corgi and I think he is such a wonderful dog. I wanted medium-sized, active but not super athletic, easy to care for, easy to train. I also needed a dog that would be very people friendly (I live at a boarding school) and I knew socializing her to other dogs was going to be important. Smart, cute and funny are of course wonderful traits too. I also knew that no matter what sweetie I brought home, my cats would protest. They are nearly 13 and very curmudgeonly.

When I decided on a PWC, I aimed for early summer. I'm a teacher and thought the summer would be a great time to get used to a different routine and I could spend a lot of time with a puppy or a rescue. I put my name on a couple of waiting lists for rescues, but a breeder with a puppy came through first. She had such a big head, satellite dish ears, and a tiny body at 9 weeks! And with her stumpy little legs and intense eye contact, I was sold.

I started looking at rescue dogs and we were working with a size restriction. When I came across a Corgi, I showed the picture to my Fiance and he flipped.  He realized that he had become an accidental parent of a Corgi while still in college. (he never knew it then)    I started to do research into the pros and cons, some of the breeders I tried to contact were no too nice.  One, Lee English, took the time to help me out and the rest is history.  We have even talked about getting a Cardi to add to our Pemi.  

I had never heard of or seen a Corgi until one wandered onto the horse ranch! His quirky little personality stuck with me and wanted one for myself ever since. Everyone that meets mine love them as well, they have converted many people into Corgi lovers! :) (...and to think I used to be a cat person... Lol)

I always liked big dogs but when I developed arthritis I knew I could not handle a dog over 35 or 40 pounds.  My husband and I got a book on how to pick the breed for you and as I went through, I was beginning to despair over the lack of small dogs with a big-dog personality type when I got almost to the end and found "Welsh Corgi, Pembroke."   I'd never heard of them but my British husband had.  Since herding dogs are my favorite personality type it was perfect.  They scored a 9.5 out of 10 for us on the scale used in the book for suitability.  We could not ask for a better fit. 

After having dachshunds and collies plus mutts growing up I wanted a dog all my own when I was younger. Me being a major dog fan, I decided to start researching breeds and made a huge dog book during after school hours. This dog book had over 800 printed pages of pictures, information about then and more which took alot of my time in 6th grade. When I came across the Corgi breed it struck me as adorable! So I gathered information and started looking at videos and showing my parents that I really wanted a Corgi. Of course their answer was "NO!" for about 2 and a half years. Never giving up I still asked probably monthly for one lol. Waking up on Easter morning to find this little egg on the couch I had to read 14 peices of paper that were little "tickets" that told me I wasn't a winner....tapped to the bottom one said I was a winner of a pembroke welsh corgi puppy of my choice, and I got to pick it out. That day we looked in the paper and saw Corgi puppies and we called about them. Only 6 weeks old so we went out the next day to put down money on the one I picked which was a little female. Slowest 2 weeks ever! When we got her I already knew what to name her which was Joanna Jo Levesque (after the pop singer I loved at the time) over time that turned into Kitty more so as a nickname then Jojo ^_^ nothing better then that Easter! To this day I still own that little ticket which I got almost 6 years ago :)

How cool is that!!  My Mom would do the clues in the Easter eggs thing and it was great fun.  However, I never received a Corgi in my basket!  Great story.


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