What Personality Type Pairs Best with a Submissive Omega Personality?

I'm planning on getting a second Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Paul is now 5 years old and is an omega male. What's the best pairing? Male/Female/Alpha/Omega?

I've heard that pairing an Alpha with an Omega is the best choice because the Alpha is apt to adopt a protective role with the submissive Omega. On the other hand, I've heard that an Alpha can overwhelm the submissive Omega.

I've also heard people saying that adding a second male is good. But, then, I've also heard people saying that the second dog should be a female.

So, I have no good advice so far to follow.

Please share what you think in terms of what the second dog should be!

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Oh, I forgot: the second dog will be a puppy, not an established dog.

Hi Steve,

 Glad to hear that you are looking for a new pup for you and Paul to enjoy. I have had good luck with both males and females but I have had no problems with more than one of either sex together. If it were me I would find another Omega.I did have a bit of trouble having a female Alpha with my other females though. Maybe I just prefer male dogs. I have had 3-4 males and never a fight! Training as a pup will be important so the new one doesn't get the idea that it is better than Paul. 

Hope this makes sense!

can't wait to hear more.

Thanks, Jane! As always, you give great advice! I'll be sure now to see if the breeder that I'm in contact with can discern which pup might be an Omega male. The challenge is going to be this: many breeders will only sell an undocked Corgi if I commit to a particular pup at the time the pups in the litter are docked: just a few days after birth. I can only hope that a breeder can look at how the pups behave when nursing to pick one that is more submissive than the others.

I was very lucky with you in getting Paulie and I hope to be lucky again.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!




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