OK...we were at the dog park and a lady approached me and asked where I got my Corgi.  I told her that after a year of looking for a local rescue, I found a reputable breeder.  She BLASTED me for paying money for my dog and said that shelter dogs were the only responsible way to go.  Sorry, folks, I disagree.  I'm ALL for shelter dogs and adoption, so don't accuse me of ignoring the need (I donate to our local shelter and my 15-yr. old husky/mix was a rescue).  However, if we don't have responsible breeders, all pure breeds would disappear in 20 years!  Also, why...tell me please...should responsible breeders and pet owners be punished because of all the irresponsible people out there that allow their dogs to reproduce, or get a dog and don't care for it, or dump it off because they're tired of it?  Honestly....seems that responsible people are losing their "rights" to the irresponsible....even in owning a dog!  Geeeezzzzz.....the breeder we got our Corgi from had people on waiting lists...they all had homes before they were born! 

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I'm not going to get into this discussion except to say that what she did was extremely RUDE!  I have had shelter dogs and rescues all my life except for my very first dog as a child, and Seanna.  Jackson is a pure bred too, but a rescue from a puppy mill.  What I see is a need for RESPONSIBLE breeders, and perhaps not as many.  All I'm going to say!

Thanks, Jennifer....I agree!  RESPONSIBLE.  That is the whole key.  Eliminating breeding eliminates purebreds.  Almost like saying you can't have your own children...you have to adopt.  Responsible people should not be punished because there are so many irresponsible people.

"Eliminating breeding eliminates purebreds." Careful...that's what some of them want. :)  Sigh. There are so many OTHER problems in the world today. I promise not to buy a puppy in a pet store. I promise to screen a potential breeder as thoroughly as I expect to be screened by them. Leave me and my purebred dog alone.

I would have rattled off some facts.   About 2 million dogs (maybe less) euthanized in shelters annually, but about 7 MILLION new dogs go into new homes every year.   Everyone stops breeding, year one we'd be 5 million dogs short.


People don't understand basic math, or rather the emotion interferes with their processing of the facts. 


I would have either ignored her, or if I was in a mood would have asked if she ever ate meat.  Or had children.  Or drove a car.  Or did any number of things that OTHER people find reprehensible.   I find that most people (myself included) sometimes forget that when we sit in judgement of others, we are ignoring the fact that we ourselves are doing something that some group also finds morally problematic.

Well said, Beth. The judgement of others definitely blinds people to their own hypocrisy.

Whew! That woman would've made me really steamed. 

I would have said the same thing. Dino said you did the right thing

I totally agree. I hear so often that because I bought from a breeder a dog in a shelter was euthanized....well no this isn't true because I too looked for over a year for a corgi in rescue and had zero luck, so I too went to a breeder. Its not like I bought a chihuahua or a pit bull (that shelters are overflowing with) from a breeder. Because there were no corgis in shelters, I wasn't just going to go and adopt any other dog, I wanted a corgi....period, so my buying a dog from a breeder had zero effect on the population of dogs in shelters since I was looking for something very specific. Also, responsible breeders are in no way the reason shelters are so full (which I hear a lot). Responsible breeders take their dogs back when the owner can no longer keep them and they do not end up in shelters. We should support those that are responsible and give them our business, while punishing those who are irresponsible. A breeder is not a breeder is not a breeder. People seem to lump "breeder" into one big category with no distinction between a puppy mill and a responsible breeder. Frustrating! 

Well, there's the thing:  I wouldn't be adopting just any dog either.  I had very particular points I was looking for.   My getting a dog from a breeder also had zero impact on the shelter population, and since the breeder also rescues, my supporting her actually helps her to have the means and space to help surrendered Corgis find homes.

You're preaching to the choir, but it's not worth your getting upset.

What a rude person! Besides it is rare to find a serious breeder that isn't also involved in rescue in some way. I never begrudge anyone for having the pet they want (except puppy mills and backyard breeders of pit bulls, probably the most euthanized breed out there).

I have the exact same feelings. I hate when people say that people who get dogs/puppies from reputable breeders "irresponsible" I mean I have the exact feeling that while it should be encouraged to adopt don't completely forget about good breeders. If everyone adopted the the dog population would be gone! It simply drives me nuts!

And if everyone adopted, it STILL would not stop people from abandoning dogs, it would not stop accidental litters, and it would not stop people from moving/getting sick/ getting old and having to surrender a dog.  

I have regularly watched our shelter since before we got Jack, so it's been 5 years.  And not a single Corgi has graced its doors, to the best of my knowledge.  There was on mix that looked maybe 3/4 Corgi, and several "Corgi mixes" that looked to have no Corgi in them at all.


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