Hi everyone!

I'm new... and getting my first corgi (hopefully) this summer!  I've checked out breeders and have put a deposit on a puppy from a litter due to be born in early may.  I grew up with corgis, but this is the first that will be all mine, and I'm sooooooo excited!!  Doing lots of reading, but thought I'd ask the experts - what should I make sure I have ready for puppy on day one?

Things I already have:

  • kennel
  • food bowls
  • furminator
  • cat friends :)

Thanks for your help!  

~ Chrys

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I don't have my pup yet, but I bought lot's of stuff. Multiple toys to chew on (hard, soft, rope, ...), a ball to dispense treats, treats for training, cute bag for treats (easy to click on your belt), a collar, a leash (flexi and regular), special leash you can click in seatbelt for safety in the car. I also bought the food the pup gets at the breeder. And I'm borrowing a crate from a friend.I also got a few things from my mother in law: a special scissor for dognails, a greyhound comb for brushing, a special tweezer for tick removal.

plan on buying:

- Xpen

- Furminator 

- special blanket for the backseat of my car, so the car isn't covered in hair al the time

- oh i'd loooove a "bike dog trailer" so I can take my dog with me when i go biking. So we could take our bicycle when we go to the park. My bf thinks it is ridiculous and people will make fun of us when we do that. But I'm wondering though, how long is it appropriate to let your dog run aside you on bike?

@Brenda, a quick comment on "special leash you can click in seatbelt for safety in the car." since you also mention a collar, but not a harness.  This type of restraint should only be used with a harness because, if attached to a collar, it could cause serious damage to the dog's neck.  I use these myself, and find them very useful.

Do you know what the chest size is of a corgi puppy at 8 weeks?
Yes i thought about that. I'm going to buy the cheapest harness i can find, because they grow so fast. I found one for €4. When she's full grown, I'll buy a permanent one!
2 "absolutes" for me are Martindale collar as pups can spook easily and a crate for the car. I always sent a Martindale with my new owners and they "had" to bring a crate along. Safety 1st!!!!

Do you know what the chest size is of a corgi puppy at 8 weeks?

Agree 100%. Make sure to only have the Martingale collar on when supervised. Scout will sometimes get the bottom part of the collar stuck in his mouth if unsupervised.

Oh, and an exercise pen!

Oops...martingale collar!


Food Bowl,



Long Lead (a few feet) to start training a good callback and give a bit more freedom in a field/etc without fear of puppy running away when its older and can pull a long lead (4 months +) I call this the "hand of god" technique. if puppy doesn't come back when you call its name it magically starts getting pulled back to you ;) BWAHAH! We also stood on either side of a big field and called her back and forth with treats and that worked like a charm. The other person would ignore puppy till she ran to the person calling her name.




Car seatbelt/holder,

Extra towels 

doggy shampoo or baby shampoo

clicker for training! if you want to go that route everyone has their own style


mind toys to keep active while your away,


OH! Ice chewies or a smaller ice cube tray for when puppy starts teething (yea this is a thing) also dollar store hankerchief or cloth to soak and freeze to let puppy chew on.

teeth cleaner (brush or finger scrubby) start early so puppy gets used to it :)


nail trimmer - you may not use this for a little bit but whenever your just laying there watching tv or just chilling touch those paws so your pup gets used to it! This helps SOOO much in the future. Having a dog used to being touched all over makes for happy vets as well!

baby wipes for messy butts ;)

Carpet cleaner!

hmm cant think of anything else at the moment.. I could go on for fun stuff but thats it hehe.

Avyon...had to laugh at the frozen washcloth for teething!  I used that with my daughter too!

Thanks for the great advice, all!

A crate and an X-pen are God's gifts to dog-loving humans!


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