Atlas just started crawling under my bed for no apparent reason other than to push the wooden mattress support planks and listen to the noise they make.
The bed is really low to the ground, so low-that he has to lay on his side, and then slide under the bed with his back legs, then once he's past the lip he has just enough room to snake around on his belly under there.

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Bertie Wooster bites trees. He seems to yearn to catch a squirrel, but they are just too fast. He knows they're up there, though, making those little squirrelly chivvy noises -- and he bites the trees as we walk by. Or if I say, "Where's a squirrel?", he runs to the nearest tree -- and CHOMP.
Roxy the Pickle Dog is probably the funniest thing currently living.... her current obsession is washing the kitten (much to the kitten's dismay). The kitten is apparently VERY dirty as she gets a full corgi tongue bath several times a day. Previous to the washing, Roxy waged war against all the dandelions in the yard.... she didn't dig them up or anything, but she marched around the yard and ate the fluffy white tops off of every one that bloomed all spring. I am waiting for her poop spot outside to sprout dandelions.
Loki also splashes all the water of his dish

he talks way too much (usually not loud barks just gabbering)

He chomps at you, nowhere near biting , feet away, but opens and closes his mouth, sometimes causing a slight teeth clack instead of woofing/talking to you. He does this while ripping when he wants more scratches

If you only scratch him with one hand he starts making sounds at your other hand

To get around not being allowed to bite, he butts you with him nose.

He pushes a rock about with his nose to make it hop then chasing it and paws at it, while never fully standing up. Rinse repeat.

He is also a dandelion top chomper.

He digs at random corners by the balcony door especially.
When you give Sparty a rawhide or a special chewy treat, he throws it in the air and barks and growls at it for a few minutes before getting down to business. It is very funny and a game totally of his own making.
Sadly I usually eat in front of the TV watching the news. Kirby picked up on this so now when I feed her in the kitchen she picks up her bowl and moves it to the living room to eat with me.
that is too funny, kirby moving her bowl to eat with you!!! cute too!
That's one of the cutiest things I have heard. Corgis are people too.
Wilf likes to let u know the water bowl is empty by sliding it across the kitchen tiled floor, he also tries to bury chews with imaginary dirt, its so funny to see. He too makes a loud "ROOO ROOO ROO", we call it doin a "rooney"(as in wayne rooney the England football player). They really are a special breed !!!!!
Atlas does that thing with the water bowl thing too!
Trudi did that too.
Gwynn has a manic obsession with biting the water stream from the hose nozzle, repeatedly, almost mechanically. I can't water plants without getting both of us wet, because when she bites it, it sprays everywhere. I must hold the hose low, else I fear she'll hurt her back, jumping as high as she can to reach the water. This behavior does not extinguish; she NEVER tires of it.
If she is indoors and I so much as open the hose bib valve, she will hear the sound of water moving in the pipes, and instantly rush outside to bite the water.
It's almost as bad as the vacuum nozzle.
Al, OTOH, HIDES from the hose.
Oh my, finally found someone else with a hose crazy dog!!!! Gemma also gets super excited when I try to water, too. Biting the water stream is her goal and she loves to chase the spray. I always thought it would translate to sprinklers, but it doesn't.


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