Hi there!  I have been reading threads on this site regarding the Furminator.  I am going to get one, but there are so many choices:  Small, medium, etc....for long hair or short hair, etc?  My Fiona is a 5-month old cardigan puppy....and we are fairly sure that she is a fluffy because of all of the feathering on her head and, well, everywhere else.  Would a medium long hair model be recommended, or short hair?  any thoughts out there?  This new corgi owner appreciates your feedback!  

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I am not as familiar with Cardigans ..yet.  However, I've been the proud mom of 4 fluffy Pems through the years.  You NEVER use a furminator on fluffy Pems as they are not double coated like normal coated corgis. All a furminator does for a fluffy is tear their fur out.  Also realize that in Pems there are even differnt fluffy coats -- my first one, Lexus, was what was considered a true fluff. She required a bath every couple of months and minimal brushing with a slicker brush.  SHe left us in 2011 just shy of her 15th birthday.  Alfie was a sliky fluff and prone to matting, particularly behind his ears. Thus he required more frequently bathing and weekly brushing.  He left us last year at age 13 1/2,  Evie is a cross between the two. Her fur does best with a pin brush and a bath once a month.  She will be 8 yrs in Aug.  Spencer's coat seems to be yet different from any of the others.  He gets a bath once month or as needed as he's mischievous puppy who will be a year old at the end of Aug. I just use a zoom groom for long haired dogs to brush him.       below is a good link to tips on grooming a pem.    you might want to consider contacting your breeder or the local Cardi Club for advice for proper grooming of fluffy Cardis.       


My Katie is a normal coated Pem and I got a small short coat for her and it works well tho I wish I had gotten a medium but the small also works well on my 1 cat, the other cats get a comb.  Max was a true fluffy with a long coat, as Jill said they don't work well on them at all, I also used a slicker brush on him.  Brady, our newest addition, has what they call a glamor coat.  It's longer than normal but not a fluffy, it's very thick and plush and sheds worst then a normal coat or a fluffy combined.  The furminator works great on him.  Fluffies don't shed as much as a normal coat..at least Pems don't.  You just have to watch for matts behind the ears and in their armpits and their butts if you don't keep that reasonably trimme...which also cuts down of having to clean it all the time.  Instead of leaving a corgi sized layer of fur on the carpet when they get up they tend to just have clumps that you can see and they just fall out and you can pick them up off the carpet. (insert laughing smile here)

And we need a picture of your beautiful baby!

I use a medium for my Corgis plus a 2 sided rubber brush you put your hand into. I need both because they each do a different job. I use the rubber one more but have the furminater for getting rid of the thicker coat when it starts showing and weekly cleaning.

If you're still looking, my personal choice is the "Master Grooming Tool" for my second rescue with a standard double coat--does a better job than Furminator in minimizing quantity of fur balls floating around the house. I used this on my first Fluffy rescue but gently on the shorter fur areas and as comb for leg feathers and "bunny butt" hair. If Fiona is indeed a fluffy, you might consider a beard/mustache trimmer (cordless, cheap and convenient) for her fluffy paws. (Oh. If Fiona ever picks up bubble gum in the paw-hair, try foot massage with mayo to unstick the gum.)



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