I'd like to know your corgi obsession thoughts!

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I always thought they were cute but I'd only seen them in pictures.  I started to think about a corgi from watching The Gardening Guy on HGTV.  He had one and I just loved her started to talking my husband about maybe our next dog being a corgi. He kind of thought I was nuts since we had several Irish Wolfhounds.  As luck would have it we went to visit my MIL..my SIL was there with her corgi (we never got to meet her..they live in another state).  My husband feel totally in love with Topeka and I knew a corgi was what I wanted.  When the time came we searched for a rescue.  Arnie came into our lives and we had him for 6 years and then lost him to cancer.  Again a rescue and along came Max...then Katie.  We are hooked.  They may have short legs but their heart is as big as a wolfhound.

This is the picture that started it all for me ..

 I don't know. I've always wanted one. I imagine part of it came from being a royalty geek. But I liked the idea of a big dog in a lttle dog package.(they don't yap)*shudder I HATE yappy dogs

Ther's not much God made cuter than a corgi puppy.(though the girls were both past that stage)

LOL maybe my answer should be just because ,it's a CORGI!!

Never heard of a corgi till I got Wynn and he choose me in about 2 minutes after he walked up and put his tiny head on my foot and proceeded to fall asleep:) I love setters and always had Irish but had decided on a Gordon when I found Wynn...much easier to train than Setters also!


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