Hi I have a 10 week old little girl whos mama was a redheaded tri and daddy was a red n white. Now she looks pretty black still and Im just wondering if she will lighten up? Also we r going to put a deposit on a male tomarrow and I got a pic of him and uploaded it into my album titled (Goober butt) hes only 3 weeks with a very redheaded tri mama and a red with black frost color dad. The lady says he will lighten up alot but Im not sure. My hubby is really picky and wants a very red corgi theres just no red n whites were we live right now. If someone who knws corgi pupys and how their color changes, cld look at my pics and let me knw what u thing it wld be so very appreciated!! Thanx all and God bless!

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Both pups are definitely going to stay tris. They both may end up red-headed, but they definitely aren't going to turn red or brown. Generally you will see some red/brown in the coat if they will change to a sable or red and white. This is just what I have seen with Franklin's breeders litters. She has a tri female and a red and white female and a sable male. Generally if they are BLACK with some brown as pups they will stay tri-colored but if they are dark brown or have black tipped fur then they will change color.
Piper is  Tri. This is her at 9 weeks.  The next picture is her at 9 months, hope this gives you an idea of the change in color that may happen.
the puppy loooks like minee. i wonder what Hades will look like in a few months.. D:

My red colored puppy at first had some black coloring. My breeder said the black would go away and it did eventually!

Here are some pictures if you need to compare:

(my puppy when he was 8 weeks and another picture of when he was a few months older)



I think the breeder said if the head is red red that means it'll turn out to be a red/white corgi.
Here is a site I found explaining different coat colors for corgis:



What a cutie your little Yuki is!  And yes, like you said, red/white pups start off with a bit of black on them, but not large patches of just black.

Thank you all for you info and imput! It all helps!! :)


The first two pics are a red-headed tri (is that the same bitch puppy?).  


The bottom pic is too young for me to tell.  

Your puppy is very cute and yes, looks similar to my tri when she was a pup. I didn't realize how her coloring had lightened until I looked back at her puppy pics. Tri or red and white...they're all beautiful!!!

Your puppy is definitely a red headed tri.  And a cute one at that.  Black headed tris have a black mask around the eyes and black triangles on the inside tip of their ears....the triangle can sometimes be a little hard to see when they are young, but becomes much more prominent as they get older. A red or sable dog will not have the mostly solid black outer coat on the back like your puppy has. (By the way, the undercoat is not always black on the tris.)


Black Headed Tri

Black tri puppy. Notice the black inside ear tips and well defined black mask with well defined red eyebrows.Same dog at 7 months, still has black ear tips and black mask.


Red Headed Tri

Red tri puppy - no black ear tips. There is frequently less definition with the mask too. Notice the solid color on the back.

Some red tris, when they are very young, are hard to tell from black tris at first, but once the black starts fading on the ears and eyes it's usually a sure sign that it will be a red head tri.

Red Tri mother with a litter with both red and black tri pups. The black on the red tri's face will vary, but tends to fade over time and become mostly, if not all red.


Red or Blonde

Red puppy with sable color......notice the mixed coat on his back; it is not solid black. There are some reds that are darker as pups ....and a sable adult might be even darker as a pup, but it is not usually solid black like you pup appears to be.

so sorry  but i believe both those puppies will be tri's for sure..
I have a blackheaded tri who is 4 1/2 months.  You can see all of his pictures in my profile.  The first tow pictures I would say a definite red head.  The bottom one will probably get red too - you can see how very black my boy was from the very beginning.  He is only now getting some red to creep into the bottom of his legs.  You can tell by the ears on mine that they are very black and his mask should stay black as well.  He is even losing some of the white blaze on his forehead.  They are very cute either way!


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