The other night my daughter noticed Tucker not being able to jump up on the couch.
I also have noticed when he goes up and down stairs he is very careful about going up and down.  The thing I find odd about this , is that he isnt limping or favoring his back leg(s).
When I was touching his back right paw he whined a little.  I then checked his Paw a bit later, but this tume no whining!?

He still will run and play with Lance and doesn't seem bothered by it then either.  If he has a running start he can get up on the couch.

His nails on all paws need to be cut very
 badly.  He is really bad about sitting still for that.  I am wondering if his nails being too long could be affecting his jumping ability?

Would his nails being too long affect his ability to go up and down the stairs as well?

October 28, 2011

Well, here I am writing about the same thing that occurred almost two years ago to Tucker.  I have been resting him for the last couple of days.  Today I gave him a dose of dog aspirin from petsmart.  As i read through the blog from two years ago, we took him to the vet and he was prescribed Rimadyl. 

My question is, do I give Tucker the aspirin for a few more days and let him rest as well or do I need to take him to the vet?  If my memory serves me he was on almost two weeks of rest when this happened last time.   The one time I let Tucker briefly out of the kitchen he wanted to run and play of course.  Do they feel no pain!!  I know they are good at hiding pain.  What to do, What to do!! 

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He was probably still out of sorts from being in a new home and didn't feel brave enough to fight.   It can take months for their confidence to return when they change homes.  

Yeah, that was probably it.  I bought a dremmel about a month ago, haven't used it yet.  Maybe we will try getting him used to that and seeing how far we get.  May have to get all the family members to help out with this! 

I'm so lucky that my dogs wear down their nails.  They are 5, 3 and 2 years and have never had their nails trimmed.  i did practice it when they were puppies, of course, but they fortunately we live in the country and their activity level is so high that their nails don't need trims.  I always hear horror stories of the corgi nail wrestling events!


glad to hear your guy is doing better and hope the rimadyl helps.

Yes, I did take Tucker to the vet lat Saturday, and he said he pulled a muscle and wanted him to rest for two weeks while on rimadyl.  One week down, one to go!!  He is in the gated kitchen and only comes out for potty time and hes been doing great.  Although, I know hes going to have built up energy by the end of the two weeks, which I am going to have to walk him so that he doesnt overdo the activity.  I hope that it isn't anything major and after the two weeks he will be good to go. 

The other challenge we are going to have besides his nails is the fur on the paw pads which needs to be trimmed but he doesnt like to sit still at all for that either, which makes it harder for him to have any traction on our wood floors :(

The only part of the house that has wood floors is the kitchen and into the foyer area to the front door, which has runs of carpet.  :) 

My first corgi, Mace, hated her nails being trimmed.  She wouldn't even let me touch them.  I did all the steps when she was young to get her used to having her feet touched....blah, blah, blah.   She would let me touch her feet, even cut the hair between her pads.  If I touched the nails, all cooperation stopped.  The funny thing was if I took her to the groomer or vet and I got out of her sight, she would not only stand still, but would even raise her paws for them!

I was hoping the intimidation factor would be true with Lily.  I tried to get her accustomed to having her feet and nails touched.  When she fought me trimming her nails, I hoped the groomer and vet intimidation would work.  No such luck.  She fights like Tucker with anyone. 

On MyCorgi I read a tip from someone to use a jar of peanut butter.  She still is not happy having her nails trimmed, but the jar of peanut butter is just too much to give up!  I trim a little amount, but often and it works great, less fighting each time.  BTW thank you who ever you are for that tip.  Now this is the only time she get PB, so it is special for her.

Long nails in my experience can cause sore feet, pulled muscles, twisted joints, ect.  It deforms their feet on hard surfaces.  On carpeting, grass and othe soft surfaces they can get a nail stuck and twist or pull something.  They love to make those sharp turns while playing.  It is like getting a spike caught while playing a sport.  Damage to limbs and joints happen all the time in sports requiring spikes.  I have had personal experience with this.  Knee surgery.

Sorry this is so long, but I know how frustrating it is to have your sweet little baby turn into Cujo at nail time.  Lots of love and corgi kisses to Tucker for a speedy recovery! 


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