My dogs all know certain words like walk, dinner etc. Recently I noticed that if I say OOPS! while in the kitchen (I am not known for my culinary abilities) the corgis come running.. What have you inadvertently taught your dogs??

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The two big ones in our house are: green beans (means food is on the way) and "where are the bunnies?"  We have wild rabbits that live under the shed and if we ask, "where are the bunnies?", they go on alert looking for the rabbits.  Also, "its time for little boys to go to bed" means time to get to their beds and lie down.  They have recently learned the word, Corgis, means them.

Tobey sometimes goes on these barking jags where he just will not shut up.  If a feather floats by outside he's barking to let me know. I tried all sorts of thing to get him to 'shh', 'quiet', 'enough' etc., etc.  So I decided to treat him like a 2-year old and put him on a Time Out.  So now I just go "Do you want a time out?"....blissful silence (for at least 30 seconds).

My 15 month old apparently knows "blood sample", or possibly the entire English language.

He had blood taken once when he was about 4 months old. Hated it. Struggled like crazy. He's been back to the vet a number of times since then, and blood draws have not been necessary. Yesterday we had a vet visit... not much fun.. he'd already been through a lot and was very well-behaved.. Just when it seemed like the visit was winding down, the vet decides to check for hypothyroidism and starts talking about taking a blood sample. Tapiola, who was sitting quietly under my legs, not a peep out of him the entire visit, begins growling and barking! He seriously KNEW exactly what was being said. 

I have to say I'm going for a "w" if I plan on power walking alone. Similarly, I cannot say "leashes" (we say "l") or even, recently, "go".

On another topic, if I get my ipod out or put tennis shoes on, frantic whining and dancing around ensues. then 'Mione runs to the laundry room to show me where the "ls" are.

they also run into the kitchen when the oven timer goes off.

Bertie knows quite a few words.  Say "squirrel" and he runs to bite the nearest tree.  Try "frog," and he bounces around the grass, nose to ground.  Kitty cat?  He races to the door, ready to chase them off the lawn. Say dinner or breakfast, he runs to the pantry door, but cookie or treat? He goes to the dog drawer.  Tell him, "be my good puppy" and he knows you're going out without him and looks pathetic, slumping to the floor in a hopeless depression.  "Not for puppies" is as good as "leave it," only he pouts. "Find a toy" means, grab something and I'll throw it for you to chase!  And of course, all his friends' name (interestingly, they're all girls!): say Scout, Lilly, and Zoe?  He'll run to the car for a visit.  He also knows the differences in his nickname and his full name -- "Bertie" is all good news and happy smiles, but say "Bertram Wilberforce Wooster" and he gets this look like, "What? I didn't do it!"

Ethel on the other hand, disdains words.  After all, she's a princess, so she just stares at you, bending you to her will, while ignoring those odd noises being made by your mouth.  Unless they're food related, in which case she stamps her feet in regal impatience.

Very Funny, maybe that is what my doberman is doing..disdaining words!

I've taught English to students who have acted exactly like Ethel! 

Every time we saw a cat on our walks, one of us would say, "Kitty!" or "Cat!"  Now Edison has learned to growl and prowl around suspiciously every time he hears a feline-related word.  He will do this even in our house, where no cat has ever been.  

One of my cats is very moody.  She will let you pet her for a minute or so, then start growling at you, then attack you.  When she would start growling, I started saying "its the dog's fault, its all the dog's fault" and funny enough, she would then not attack me, but would deliberately stalk Frosty down and attack him, like it really was his fault!!  Now whenever she starts growling and anyone says "its the dog's fault", Frosty immediately runs up to the couch and smooshes her with his face because he thinks its a big funny game... which it is... for everyone except the cat... LOL!!!


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