I just opened a new 30 lb. bag of Taste Of The Wild Wetlands formula. What was inside does not resemble the kibble in our last two bags. I called TOTW and customer service said not to worry about the kibble being different size or color. The rep did say that it should not vary in smell.

Luckily, I still had a bowl of the last bag (Amy is such a lazy eater!). The pieces definitely look different. As to smell, I think the last bag smelled more like liver(?)and the new smells like regular dog food (like Purina).

Would you take it back? I hate to saddle the nice people at the feed store with a $50 return but I am nervous. Thoughts?

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I agree that the best thing is to return it to the store. Because if something is wrong with it they can give the heads up to the company and to other buyers. It could be a bad batch and other buyers would want to know. 



When in doubt throw it out, but since its so expensive i would return it.
Would like to hear from others if you've found this kind of variation in this brand.  Seems like there should be better quality control.

I've had it slightly larger or smaller kibble, but not too much variation in size.  The color has been different as well, though again there isn't too much variation.  I've been buying it for about 5-6 months, now, and the quality has been pretty reliable for me.  I've purchased everything from 5 pound bags right up to our current 30 pound bags. 


With the fish formula you do get variations in smell, too.  Sometimes the fishy smell is faint and other times it's very strong.  Currently my dogs are on the sierra mountain (lamb) formula and the smell is pretty consistent.

I agree better quality control. It should all be consistent. I wouldn't want to see something different than what i was use to buying. It would make me guess as to what i was getting this time.
I just picked up another bag that was just delivered to the store today. I've opened it and it looks the same as the bag I returned. I guess that there has been a slight change that I am seeing. Logan ate with gusto so I guess it tastes good to him. I'll watch him and the girls for the next few days. Thanks for all of he input!
Take it back..the store won't eat it, they will be reimbursed. When in doubt take it back! If your dog turns her nose to it...definitely seal it up...clean surfaces it has touched and get it out of your home and back to the store.

 Stephanie is right, a lot of things can account for kibble color and size.


I own a pet store, fed a lot of different foods, and sometimes different bags on a run can be different for all the reasons she's mentioned, and several more.  

Now, here's my take as an owner -- if you're concerned, please bring it back. We don't get saddled with the bill, we're credited for the food. I have people who bring food back simply because they tried a new flavor/brand and the pet doesn't like it. :) (Now, please don't er, bring back open cans of cat food you've had sitting on your counter for two days (and scooped the cat food back in the cans from the bowls) because your cat didn't eat it. Really.

After two days in the summer, I don't believe I would eat it either. ;) Yes, I did take it back, but I was rather shocked. ;)

So, no, if you have any concerns about a food, take it back to the store, it's totally okay.

It sounds to me like a bad batch.  The manufacturing company has records of which bags belong to which batch (day/time/ingredient distributors).  If enough people return product from the same batch, that's when you get into recall issues.  If the kibble was crumbly, then it was on the bottom of a pallet for too long.  If your dog is fine with it, then perhaps it was an 'off' batch or they've changed something about the recipe.

But I agree with taking it back.  The dog food gets destroyed and the store from which you bought it does not suffer any financial losses. 


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