So I'm trying to start training Selphie now and I bought some Bil-Jac little dog treats, they're made of chicken liver mainly. My ChixYorkie would (and does) go absolutely bonkers for them, he learned every one of his tricks using these treats alone. Selphie on the other hand, will take them and eat them but by no means acts anywhere near as excited about them as I had sort of expected. On the other hand, she'll rip your lips off trying to get a peice of cheese out of your mouth (not really, but just as a visual of how much she likes them, lol) so I guess we're training with cheese now. Aside from cheese we haven't really experimented to see what else she might like, but Peanut (the chix)goes bonkers for any vegetable but especially lettuce and carrots. His word for lettuce is "Herbs" (pronouncing the H also) and when he hears the word "carrot" he starts dancing around barking excitedly. What are some of your corgi's most FAVORITE treats (especially slightly "odd" ones) and what do they turn up their noses to?


Also, has anyone who's had a dog had one that like THESE sorts of treats?


I've grown up around about 19 dogs total in my lifetime and have NEVER had a dog that would even NIBBLE these, they just will not eat them..... I'm actually amazed.

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My dogs love Bill Jacs and cheese is an absolute "will do anything for" I make my own dog treats which they also love (peanut butter in). I try to stay away from any treats made in China or other countries due to I believe the quality/standards are very poor!
Well, Drs Foster and smith only sell treats made in the USA. But I agree with you on that one.

We use Zuke's Mini Naturals salmon flavor and my dogs like them.  We try to stay away from liver treats most of the time, because both of mine ooze the scent of liver from their skin if they eat too many.  Yuck! 


Another favorite is those Carvers and I break them up into little pieces, but they are pricey so we don't often get them. 


Cheese is always a favorite, and I tend to save if for things like agility, or recall training when off-leash. 


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