Our older dog Gracie had digestive issues earlier and did well on California Natural Lamb and Rice.  We decided to put Dyson on the puppy version of it.  We've been noticing that he has been having accidents a lot.  Sometimes he has had diarrhea.  We took him to the vet and his stools were okay.  She put him on metro. and flora for a while.  He was doing better. Then he started having accidents again.  We're thinking we may need to gradually change his food. We like to feed our dogs a premium dog food.  Ideally, we would like to eventually have them on the same food.  But, Gracie has done well on her food so I hate to switch her.  I understand the California was bought by Proctor and Gamble. Not sure if the food quality will change or has changed. 

Btw, Dyson goes for his neutering next Monday.  I will be so worried about him!

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Our 5 1/2 mo old pup is on Iams. My husband switched our 3 yr old from Science Diet to Iams, they both are doing well. He bought EVO and they will not eat it. So for now its Iams...
Oh, our pup was neutered on the 27th, he is doing great! he did not come home with the big collar and is not bothering his incision:-) your pup will be fine too!
Cooper is now 3 months and we have been feeding him Blue buffalo puppy chicken and rice formula and he absolutely LOVES it. He will vacuum it up. I really recommend this brand as it is healthy and helps them grow at these peak periods and its also well priced.
Leia (6 months) switched from Iams to Blue Buffalo for puppies about 7 weeks ago. Since then she looks much healthier, we notice it in particular in the eyes, skin, and coat (of course, those are the obvious ones :) We liked it so much that we put our 7 yr old cat on it too. Leia has a skin thing and has not had a breakout since we switched the food. But this issue comes and goes anyway, so its unclear whether the food is the primary reason or maybe she's just finally growing out of it...either way, great brand, check it out.
Definately....food change must be gradual...bummer you're having problems. I don't know if the food was sold to proctor and Gamble but I also would be leary if it was. Many times people don't have any idea that something has changed:(

Good luck on Monday Dyson...in a few days you'll never know he was neutered but it's always scary for us!
Proctor bought all Natura lines :( boo

I still feed Innova and am happy... but given the fact proctor owns it I will be watching it VERY CLOSELY! My food supplier is also keeping a strict eye one all natura lines!
Breeder had Mira on Iams (which I personally cannot stand..) switched to orejin puppy. She loves it, I love her on it. :)
I have three and they all are on a different premium food! It's not a pain though I use Smartpak.com It is a company that pre-measures and packages the food you want in portion you want with dogs name and formula on it just rip and pour! I had my horses with them for supplements just rip and pour all different supplements are in seperate wells. They are great for traveling or leaving with a pet sitter. Enough about Smartpak! Cosmo eats Wellness simple protein lamb 5/8 of cup x2 a day because he is allergic! It is hard! Luna my hoover girl eats 1/2 cup x2 day Livesmart chicken and brown rice weight management formula, Razzo the baby is on Live smart puppy chicken and rice 1/2 cup x2 a day ,so we will see how he does on it so far firm soft stool no issues. It is a process to find the right food for all at least two eat same thing!

My 3 month old Corgi is on Purina Puppy Chow. It's been difficult to get him just to eat...sometimes I put in a little peanut butter and he loves that, but I don't want to have to do that all the time. Sometimes I feed him a few pieces and draw him closer to the food bowl and that seems to work ok.
We started Abby on Blue Buffalo - switching from the purina puppy chow the breeder was feeding - but she would spit out the little vitamin bits and only eat the kibble pieces! Figured that wasn't getting her all the nutrients that way, so after research switched to Wellness Just for Puppy on a friend's recommendation. Recently we substituted some of her dinner meal with the Wellness canned, she really loves that.
When I first had my girl I fed her puppy Eukanuba lamb and rice until the age of 9 months, then i went to the adult Euk 50/50 mixture with blue buffalo. She is now on Canidae all life stages, switched her to this about 3 months ago. She does great on this food, and since it has such great nutrition she doesn't have to eat very much compared to the other foods. She is 1 year and 8 months now.


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