I have seen several comments about the difference between a tri and a red colored corgi.  My red is almost 9 so I have him figured out plus we got him as a puppy.  We have had our tri for only 8 months and she has many issues being a rescue.  I was wondering what was different between the two if one hasn't be abused.

Sally messes up my bathroom, hall and front door rugs when we leave.  Sometimes even right in front of us???

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We have (had) the same situation! Odie was our red and white - got him as a pup, very well trained (easy to train) and as we remember it the perfect corgi! He had medical issues which took him from us 4 years ago. Lucky is our first rescue, we rescued him when he was 9 months old from a snow bank, and he is a tri. We love him dearly, but he is totally different!!! We realize that when you rescue, you take on issues and we never know what he might do, I chalk his behaviors up to the tri and the rescue! He has a LOT to say, always has. He has a STRONG herding instinct, which Odie did not have (he herded anything and everything before the IVDD). He messes up the rugs, but he and Odie always played with the rugs and blankets together as well. Lucky has not trained as well as Odie, we chalked that one up the trauma before we got him - he is smart, and trained, just not as easy as Odie. I guess I am not the help that you want, as I have the situation that you have - hopefully someone can help us both.
My tri colored corgis are not rescues--they have been with us since they were 8 weeks old- litter mates and tied at the hip..
BUT they are very different.. one is easy going. a love bug, plays toss up with his food, sniffs and rolls in everything, and pees on every tree or shrub along a walk..cuddler, and messes up all the rugs and blankets he can. He likes to build little nests with them...
The other is lean, on alert, eager to please, loves to work, run a trail, head up and ears perked.. He is adventurous, and cautious with strangers...so i don't think the behavior could be traced to their colors necessarily... there may be other behaviors that accompany different colors from incidental shaping..but mine are truely different from one another...
I too have both and I've had Scout (sable) since he was 12 weeks and Recon (tri) since he was 7 weeks and they very different. Scout is not one to lie in your lap or anything like that if you're giving him attention it had better be to scratch his belly or throw his ball. Recon on the other hand if you lie down he wants to be as close as possible to you and will lie there with you as long as you will let him. Scout eats when he wants to eat and only when he wants to eat, Recon will eat everything in site if you let him. Scout was a bit of a challenge to potty train and had some accidents in his cage and even cried a lot when we first got him, Recon has never in 7 months had an accident in his cage or cried at night even on his first night.

Scout you can kick across the room (accidentally of course as he become a furry speed bump) and he won't so much as wimper Recon growls and cries if he doesn't know you and you try and pick him up. Both of them love treats and will do just about anything for them so they are both easy to train. They are about the same around people when it comes to greeting and petting only when they get picked up do they differ. Recon's herding mentality has been more of a challenge to curb so he doesn't nip where scout got the memo about the 3rd time I flicked his ears for nipping. Scout loves his toys recon only cares if scout has it, if you try and engage him with a toy he ignores it.

So that's the differences I've seen so far and I've had scout since Aug of 09 and Recon since March of 10.
I only have a tri, and don't know anyone with a red/white, but I can tell you Abby's personality. She loves everybody she meets (human or dog) and is quite agressively friendly, she's hard to hold back (working on that!) She housetrained surprisingly easy, crates overnight from 9 until 5:30 or 6, and the 9 p.m. bedtime is her choice. She usually has a frap attack at 8:30, shortly after will ask to go potty, and then heads for her crate.This routine has been since she was less than 3 mos. old. At 5 mos. she is in her 3rd training class, and loves to do "her job." She's fairly high energy, and is not a cuddle bug. Sometimes she will lay on the couch near us, but seems to prefer having some space. She wants to destroy my broom, loves to help fold clothes, and runs to supervise any noisy appliance (sits watchfully nearby while I use a vacuum, blender, mixer, coffee grinder... She eats ANYTHING, which is a problem, i.e. grass, leaves, dirt, rocks, chews sticks and pieces of tree bark she picks up outside, which has led to a bout with colitis.

Abby sounds an awful like my Frankie...but what is a "frap attack"?

Frenetic Random Activity Period. It's when they start running around like devil dogs, usually at about the same time every day, frequently in the evening. They go like mad and seem to be crazed. If you have had babies, you may be familiar with how they frequently get fussy at about the same time every day, have a good crying jag, even though they aren't wet, hungry or in pain (We used to call it "crux time'), and then settle back down. Sophie used to do it shortly after we first got her: she'd be lying on the floor, peacefully chewing on a toy, when suddenly she'd be up, running to the kitchen, back to the dining room, around the dining table, into the living room, launch herself up onto the couch so hard she'd knock it backwards into the wall onto its back legs, fly off again, back around the dining table, then back into the kitchen. She would do this several times, then just stop and go back to her chewing session as if nothing had happened. We had hard work to break her of the jumping on/off the couch; we were afraid she'd throw her back out. We got her a set of steps to come up on the couch and she started using them instead after some training, thank goodness. She gradually grew out of the FRAP. Our first corgi, Asta, used to do figure 8's around the legs of the dining table, then into the living room and around the back of the couch. It's funny when they do it once you know what's going on; we thought she had been stung by a bee or something the first time she did it!

Both of our corgis have been tri's but with very different personalities. Asta came from a very good breeder and was very people friendly, loved to cuddle and sit/lie on your lap, loved everyone, didn't like other dogs, was very talkative and territorial, caught onto house training, leash walking, obedience, etc. very easily after only a few trials. Sophie came from rescue, is still a little shy around people but likes to be in the middle of everything, likes belly rubs and pets but not being held, doesn't mind other dogs and has a few special dog friends, doesn't mind dogs/birds/squirrels in the yard, barks only when necessary, and had a very strong herding instinct when we first got her. I don't think she had ever been taught any house manners and it took her a little time to catch on to pottying outside. She is clever and figured out how to push the kitchen chair out to climb onto it to get onto the table and lick the butter, but it took a while to teach her leash manners. Now she has been having some accidents, but we aren't sure if she is having a problem with her meds. We are working with the vet on this. Both dogs very sweet, smart and lovable in their own ways but very different.

Ah...that's our Frankie, but we call them a "corgi fit"....seemed to apply.

Frankie is smart and would have learned about moving chairs from the table a climbing up to get food off the table - luckily, we live in AZ so, nothing like butter or margarine is left out - what a field day she would have with that! :-)

I'm so happy to know there's a word for what my corgi has started doing . FRAP....Like yourself, Tye would start running circles around  the island in the kitchen. She was like a bullet, quietly chewing a bone and then, away she went. I thought she was acting out something I was teaching her to do, she's 3 months old. She's learning  so fast that I have to start teaching her behaviour I thought she was too young to do. I also have a horse who does this periodically when he doesn't run enough, it's like unspent energy he has to release. Glad to know there's a name for it.

I have just joined this group.  I have a beautiful, tri colour corgi called Tilly who just turned 2.  I have been reading a few of these posts and have never thought that there might be a personality difference between the red and whites and the tri colours.  Hmmm.  Years ago I had a red and white and yes, he was quirky but not to the extent of Tilly.  Tilly is quite neurotic actually.  Things like every time I open my dresser drawer and no matter where she is in the house, she comes flying in and barks and grabs whatever clothing I have pulled out and seems rather agressive about it, grabbing and pulling as hard as she can.  Sometimes she misses and grabs my fingers.  Ouch!  The most neurotic and unsolved problem is when we go out the sliding door or our french doors.  Tilly flies out and turns around and chomps on the door, all the while whining and grring!  I have tried everything as she is destroying that part of the door.  I even velcroed a mouse trap to the door.  That worked for a bit.  Now I have a shock collar and boy does she respect that thing.  And now she comes when I call, every time, not just when she feels like it.  Really I was desperate.  I rarely have to use it on her, as she just looks at the transmitter and she is good.   So that's my tricolor.  Now that she is two, she is mellowing out.  She is very snuggly and she sits on my lap a lot.  She is 28 pounds, and she is very fit as we walk every day, or rather she runs every day off leash.  And man oh man can she ever run fast!  And if a dog is chasing her, in fun, and catches up, she drops down, rolls over and changes direction quickly.  Amazing!  My red and white never did anything like that.  She is also a dock jumper, which is so cool to watch.  She sinks completely under every time and swims back so she can do it over and over.  Looks like this tri color thread is not well used as your post was from 6 years ago.   



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