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Fun Day

so yesterday i woke up at the usual 8am smiled and snuggled my little fuzzbrain and told him happy birthday~ he got all excited when i pulled out his new toy i had bought him... i think its called a luffa dog? i dont know.. but he loved it.. ran around the house with it in his mouth.. Went to school.. i just got a new camera the night before took pics around school once i was done with class.. then went home andthe mayham began LOL 

Packed Ace and Buffy up in the car.. grabbed the… Continue

Added by Ace and Jen on October 28, 2011 at 1:15pm — 4 Comments

is it 9pm yet?

Im sitting here in class hoping it will be over.. its sad that im bored of this photography class.. hopefully when i get my new camera i will perk up :)

I want it to be 9 not just for class to be over.. but so i can try out making this doggy cake i wanna make :)

i need to possibly double the ingrediants so that more then just ace can have the cake LOL

this time instead of the cream cheese frosting i most likly will add a different style on it :) eee im just soooo happy…


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Oh Me Oh MY!

Can it really be? is it already 2 days away

I cant believe that in 2 days Ace will be 2! it is insaine!

Seems like just yesterday he came home :)

thursday i have school.. and after I get home.. that little guy is going to the dogpark :D

Tomorrow I am going to be making him a little cake to share with his doggy friends (if their owners permit)

My aunt is going to pack up her pugs and my other cousins dog (cousin and uncles ex wifes dog LOL they are living with my aunt…


Added by Ace and Jen on October 25, 2011 at 10:20pm — 4 Comments

Training Classes

Well I tried signing ace up for the local obediance training but sadly they are booked until after the 1st of the year..

So i was looking into hte Petsmart training Class

I love the people at the Petsmart i visit the most they are so kind :) Ace loves it there.. I have been curious about their training classes.. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are they good?

Ace is smart he knows how to Sit, laydown, come, stay

his issues are that he doesnt want to listen all the…


Added by Ace and Jen on October 19, 2011 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

puppy want

Im just gonna vent lol

nothing bad or anything

Dont get me wrong.. Ace is my WORLD :) but i want him to have a little brother or sister he can play with.. i feel guilty leaving him at home when i go to School (not so much with work since i only do that rarely now because management apparently hates me and doesnt put me on the schedule but thats another story) I mean usually he is home with my mom but she naps the majority of the time so i know he is bored and then there is the every…


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Not only are they inspiring to us but they are inspiring to others :D

See a Special Little Corgi on this page as well as a few other inspiring dogs :)




Added by Ace and Jen on October 12, 2011 at 2:16pm — 3 Comments

wonderful weekend

Well Saturday night Ace and I spent the night at my Sis-in-law's new place. Lil guy had so much fun playing with my brothers pittbull, Old Scrappy couldnt believe how much fun he had missed out on playing with Ace since they moved out a year ago :) they made up.. slept on the same bed, etc.. all the old things they used to do together :) they even played chase outside. 

Looking at Scrappy and living with him for how many years i had.. makes me so Angry over the hate and judgement people…


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Service Corgis?

So I have been doing some research recently into turning Ace into my Service animal.. I mean he is already a mental hygiene pet... but once i get a steady pay check we are going to be putting him through classes..

Now i know what you are saying... how can you have him as a service animal..

I have really BAD anxiety attacks.. and recently they have been becoming worse and worse.. especially in social situations.. I get nervous and shut down more or less.. (unless i know the… Continue

Added by Ace and Jen on October 6, 2011 at 4:05am — 9 Comments

Helping with moving

So Friday my brother and sis in law got the keys to their new house (well duplex LOL) and Sunday we helped them move~

Allisha (lisha) asked if i could help bathe scrappy their pittbull i said no problem ace needed a bath also so they both got one :D

Suprisingly Ace has been a naughty boy.. I mean not VERY naughty he just is so over stimulated he cant listen i guess lol either that or he feels Uncle Scrappy is around so he doesnt need too.. well anyways we went to their house and…


Added by Ace and Jen on October 4, 2011 at 2:44pm — No Comments

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