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Good bye baby boy

Noodles went to heaven yesterday,  New Year's Eve.  I was able to hold him in my arms until he went to see Jesus.  Our hearts are broken.  He was the light of our lives for 13.5 years.  We will see you again baby boy! 

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Happy 11th Birthday Noodles!

Today is Noodles 11th birthday. We had a party for him the other night at the dog park. In the 2nd picture, he's waiting patiently for his Grammy to cut his birthday cake. I can't believe my baby is 11...…


Added by Alison Prasavath on June 26, 2016 at 12:05pm — 7 Comments

PLEASE HELP! Substitue Mother for Honey's babies--UPDATED

UPDATE-The puppies have found a surrogate mother! Her name is Natis Athena, who is a black poodle and she accepted the puppies right away like they were her own. They've already posted a picture of her with the puppies.

My husband follows Honey and Rocky on Facebook. Yesterday, Honey gave birth to 4 beautiful babies, but died during the birth. They are in Lendava, Slovenia, so a Facebook post went out asking for a substitute mother. Here is what the Facebook page looks like. My…


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Noodles is 10 today!- updated with Birthday party pictures

Today is the day the world was blessed with Noodles presence 10 years ago. I can't believe how time has flown by. His birthday party will take place after we get home from work, but I've been busy preparing for it. He will get an ice cream sandwich instead of cake this year...the cookies are peanut butter flavored and the ice cream is peanut butter & banana flavored and of course, all doggie safe ingredients. Here's a picture of him from this morning sporting his birthday bandana and his…


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RIP Gus Gus

On Thursday, Noodles cousin, Gus, will be crossing the rainbow bridge. Gus Gus was the first doggy cousin Noodles met when we brought Noodles home and Gus Gus has always been there for Noodles. I have such wonderful memories of taking the 2 on walks and seeing this little corgi next to this black lab. Gus would always wait for Noodles to catch up and he would stick close by him. Those 2 always had a special connection with each other.

I went out to say my good-bye to him last night…


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Happy 9th Birthday Noodles!

Melts your heart

Today, my baby boy turns 9! I can't believe he is 9 years old. I cherish every day I have with him and feel so lucky to be his mom. We've had our…


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2013 Corgi Walk in the Pearl

Another wonderful time was had by all and the weather couldn't have been any better. This past Saturday, was the Corgi Walk in the Pearl. There were a lot of puppies this year. I'll post more pictures to my page, but here are some pictures my husband took. 

1st pic: You have to log the frog pose with the yawn. So adorable!

2nd pic: All white ears. Just…


Added by Alison Prasavath on August 21, 2013 at 8:22pm — 4 Comments

Happy 8th Birthday Noodles!

Today is Noodles 8th birthday! My how the time has flown by. I made his peanut butter birthday cake last night and first thing this morning, he ran downstairs and started licking his lips. I told him we will party after work. I don't think he appreciated that statement because he gave me a little grumble under his breath. We purchased him a food & water stand in order for his bowls to be up off the ground. Of course I had to measure him first to make sure what size stand to get, but I…


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Prayers for Noodles--UPDATED 3/25

Well, we no sooner get Dexter (Noodles cousin) feeling better when Noodles decided he would like some attention as well. Last week, he fell down 2 steps and hit his right shoulder (and more than likely his head) on the steps. I thought it looked like it hurt, but he continued running down the rest of the steps with no yelp or cry coming from him. Thursday after work, my husband and I noticed that his right ear looked like it was "falling off" his head. It looks like that if he has something…


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Prayers for Dexter (not a corgi, but cousin to Noodles)--UPDATE

My brother and sister-in-law and their Mal-Shi, Dexter, could use some prayers. Dex had surgery yesterday to remove 3 lumps and per my sister-in-law, the 1 they looked at yesterday looks abnormal, so they are thinking cancer. They have to wait 2-7 days before they find out for sure and what kind, but I know they all could use your prayers. Below are the pictures of Dex after his surgery. They all had a rough night last night and no one slept. Dex is in a lot of pain. I know this breaks their…


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2012 Corgi Walk in the Pearl

This past Saturday was the 5th annual corgi walk in the Pearl. We had a wonderful time and a rough count estimates there were 255 corgi's. Can you imagine seeing all of them in one place? It was fun and we literally stopped traffic, brought people out of stores and their homes in order to see our group. One of the funniest comments was a lady who just walked out of the store and saw us and exclaimed "it's the corgi walk. This is the best day of the year!" She then promptly bent down to pet…


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Hot Summer Days

We recently purchased a life jacket for Noodles because we went camping at Detroit Lake and will be going camping there on a more regular basis. Since he hates water, I wanted to make sure he was protected in case he went in and that he was protected when he went out on the boat. Here he is sporting his new life jacket and trying to figure out if he likes his new swimming pool or not.…


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Happy 7th Birthday Noodles!!!

Today is Noodles 7th birthday and we can't imagine our lives without him. Our laptop is dead, but pictures will be taken and posted later on. Since we have evening plans tonight, I made his birthday cake last night and he helped me. My husband took some pictures of Noodles "cleaning" out the 1/4 cup scoop that had the peanut butter in it. Here is a picture of Noodles waiting patiently for me to put his cake in the oven. He stayed in the kitchen (NOT on the counter) until the cake was done…


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Easter Break Beach Trip

Well, we FINALLY had nice weather, so we took advantage of it and went to the beach. Noodles loved playing in the sand and staying as far away from the crashing waves as possible. He humored us while we took pictures and here are the top favorites. It is days like this that remind me why I love the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy!…


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Let's Party!

Yesterday was Noodles 6th birthday. He received a new set of rings because he plays tug-o-war so much. He also got a jumbone for dinner and a birthday card from his Grammy and Gramps with treats in it. Of course I made him his peanut butter birthday cake with cottage cheese and carrots on top. Hey, he loves it! The first picture is a nice one and he is smiling. In the 2nd picture, the hat was sliding off his head and he looks pretty upset about that. In the last picture, he was glad to be…


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Corgi Walk in the Pearl District

We just returned from the corgi walk in the Pearl District and I wanted to post some photos of it. There was a great turn out and Noodles enjoyed getting to meet many new friends. The youngest corgi there (as far as I know) was a 10 week old and she was absolutely precious. Please enjoy the photos

Relaxing after the walk

Water break…


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Happy 5th Birthday Noodles!

Today is Noodles' birthday (this was last year's picture and cake), but unfortunately, most people are gone camping for the weekend. It will just be mom helping to celebrate his special day (since daddy is one of the people gone camping). I'm making him his peanut butter birthday cake with shredded carrots on top. He will also be getting a new set of rings to play tug-o-war with since we have now gone through 3 sets of those. Man can he tug! He will… Continue

Added by Alison Prasavath on June 26, 2010 at 11:06am — 12 Comments

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