Ein continues to do well for the most part. 

He's been battling an eye infection for the past two weeks though. He first cut his cornea some how, which has healed, but now has conjunctivitis in both eyes. The right one being the worse. We were told this is due to the sinus infection he had pushing mucus up into his eyes through the tear duct. He does get this green gunky stuff in his eyes that reminds me of nose mucus! Pretty gross actually. So he's been on clavamox to help with that.

I wonder if the sinus infection is still there, hopefully the clavamox will help if so. He gets a crusty buildup just inside his right nostril. Not sure if this is due to the cancer or not, can't tell if there is air getting through that one. 

Other wise, we just continue to keep an eye on him. He's eating quite readily, because of the prednisone. And he has attitude! I think because we have been lenient with him while he was sick, he's starting to think he can do what he wants. :p Going to have to start being stern again I guess, show he's not the boss.

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Comment by Holly on May 27, 2014 at 1:10pm

Poor pup. He has my sympathy. I know I feel homicidal when I am on prednisone so it may certainly give a small dog a serious attitude. I also had to resort to the "roids" prescribed for Sully at one time and we experienced several unavoidable accidents while he was taking the drug. It is as bad as it is good. I try to avoid it at all costs. It is unbelievable how much it makes you crave any kind of food and how it takes over your moods. I am sure Ein will be back to his normal self once how feels better and the prednisone dose tapers off.

Comment by Vicky Hay on May 27, 2014 at 1:51am

Aw, poor little pooch. I hope the antibiotic works to beat back this discomfort.

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