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The quiet...

... is the hardest part. Not hearing this little paws on the hardwood floors or scolding the cats when they are doing something they shouldn't be, reminds me of him.

It's now been two months since we lost Ein, and while the hurt has dissipated a great deal (or maybe it's I've just gotten used to it), the hole in Meg and I's lives has not. Even Olivia, my 14 year old kitten, has been impacted. While they were not close close, she tolerated his antics and such. Since his…


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A Beautiful Goodbye

While not Corgwn related, I had to share this with everyone. It's a families last day with their furbaby. 

Having just lost Ein, this was doubly touching for me. The Onion Ninja's totally won as well.

My Goodbye <----- clicky

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Another crosses the Rainbow Bridge.. :(

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Borrowed time

I'd like to think I'm not a stupid guy, but I did have some sense of denial even though I knew the truth of it.

While Ein's surgery was successful, it seems the tumor has grown back. 

Last Tuesday I noticed a "hollow" noise as Ein would breath through his nose and by Friday, it was sounding more congested. We took him to the vet and they gave us Clavamox hoping it was just an infection since he's on prednisone.

This morning, he is getting almost…


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No news

Ein continues to do well, except for his poopoo butt for the last day. 

He thinks he's starving because of the prednisone, so as to not starve to death, he ate the cat food.... thus the runs.

We will be going to the corgi walk tomorrow (Saturday) at Green Lake, so if any of you are there. Look for us! I will be wearing my Thorgi shirt. :p

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Ein continues to do well for the most part. 

He's been battling an eye infection for the past two weeks though. He first cut his cornea some how, which has healed, but now has conjunctivitis in both eyes. The right one being the worse. We were told this is due to the sinus infection he had pushing mucus up into his eyes through the tear duct. He does get this green gunky stuff in his eyes that reminds me of nose mucus! Pretty gross actually. So he's been on clavamox to help…


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An update

Here's the news most of you have been waiting patiently to hear.

Ein is now breathing through his nose and for the most part acting himself, in other words, like all the other Corgwn in the world, but with attitude galore.

Ein had his oncologist appointment on Tuesday of this week and we keep feeling like we've been punched in the gut.

The doctor discussed with us what she saw in all the reports and ran over our options.

1.) We could do radiation therapy. It would…


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The News....

We got the results back late last night and they were not what we wanted to hear. The mass they removed was cancerous, soft tissue sarcoma. It is an aggressive cancer and will grow back since they were not able to get all of it.

We have a call in to see the oncologist next week to see what our next step is. One thing that…


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Back home

Ein is now home. His breathing is better, but still a little noisy. They said that should abate in a few days once swelling goes down. But he could not wait to get on to the freshly mowed lawn to do his business and then run into the house.

Thanks for the support!…


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Surgery update #2

Posted here: https://www.facebook.com/EinTheCorgi/posts/687711801289508

All three of us are wiped. He will hopefully come home tomorrow afternoon as long as things continue to get better.

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Post op

The surgeon called and informed me that Ein has come out of surgery and did well. The mass was not an abscess and she did not think it was a polyp due to the broad base it had. But she is confident that she removed quite a bit of it.

She is uncertain if it is a benign or malignant mass though, but it is being sent in for a biopsy. That will be either Friday or Monday before we get the results.

She will be calling us once he is fully awake so we can go see him. Unfortunately, he…


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The day..

The day has arrived and Ein is laying on the back porch doing his "the meaning of life" pose. Just observing the world, watching the birds and the squirrel eating.

We will be leaving here in just a few minutes to bring him down to ACCES for his surgery. 

I will update when new info is available.

Have a great day!…


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As I get ready for work, Ein is chowing down on a few "cookies" before he heads back upstairs when I leave. His breathing has seemed to become a bit more "snory" the last two days, so I'm glad his surgery is tomorrow morning.

He went to the park yesterday and had some fun just rolling around in the grass. The picture is from the day before at the park, anime dog pose. :)

I ask that you share this page for me and my wife on your facebook page:…


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Ein needs good thoughts

I fail at keeping up here. Full time work and school and Ein have kept me busy. 

I am NOT asking for donations from here, but I am asking you read and think good thoughts for him.



Added by David W. on April 26, 2014 at 9:48pm — 19 Comments

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