We were at the dog park yesterday.  Bento was playing around with a 5 month german shepherd when another dog can running in to join the fun.  This action caused Bento to start a game of "chase me!"

Unfortunately for Bento, this other dog (an akita mix?) was much more coordinated and powerful than the puppy.  The other dog ran after Bento, caught up with him, and knocked Bento over--possibly stepping on him in the process.  Bento let out a loud yelp and tumbled over and over and over.  When he stopped rolling, he got up and limped over to us.  We left after that.  

Bento's been limping since.  When he gets up from sitting or lying down for a period of time, he doesn't put any weight on his back left paw.  After a while, he puts some weight on it, and there's a noticeable limp.  

We've gently checked his paw pad, paw, ankle, knee, and hip, but there's no one spot that seems to bother him.  But he still limps.  

I'm so sorry Bento.  Mommy failed you.

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Comment by Alex deGuzman on September 16, 2012 at 8:04pm

How's Bento doing now? We hope he's doing much better.

We aren't planning to go to dog parks as well.  Especially when off leash. Thio is currently enrolled to a puppy kindegarten class. All of the other pups in his class are a little bigger than him, so I'm going to be extremely watchful over him like a guardian angel. It would be kinda neat to see a corgi only kindegarten class. 

Comment by Jane on July 8, 2012 at 7:38pm

I would do as Bev said, keep him on restricted activity for a few days and if he doesn't improve, take him to the vet.

Comment by Melissa and Franklin! on July 7, 2012 at 11:42am

This is why I no longer go to dog parks. Franklin used to be the most wonderful happy social dog in the world and I took him to dog parks daily. He got beat up by a husky there on two occassions (two different huskies) so I started going less frequently or only going when it was husky free. Then one day his normal gang was there and everyone was having a great time until a new owner came in with two big great danes. They immediately ran in and mauled Franklin, breaking his leg. Franklin has recovered phsyically but is no longer the carefree happy dog when it comes to strange dogs anymore. Dog parks are VERY dangerous, a bad dynamic with a lot of out of control dogs. You take  a risk every time you walk through that gate and things happen in a split second there. Now I prefer the neighborhood dog gatherings where I know each and every dog there.

Comment by Bev Levy on July 7, 2012 at 7:49am

It is dangerous to let corgis play too vigorously with a much bigger dog. Corgis won't be scared off by the size difference but can be injured badly. Keep him on very low activity for a couple days and if he is still limping go to the vet, could be a torn Cruciate Ligament which will require treatment and even possibly surgery.

Comment by Yuki & Ellie on July 7, 2012 at 7:07am

Aww, don't beat yourself up.  You didn't fail him.  Puppies are like children.  They're going to rough-house and end up getting hurt at some point.  He wasn't attacked, it was just an accident while playing.  Let us know if his limp starts to go away!

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