Chloe. who is 2 lately been going in the house, she used to be very reliable. Only with urine, not BM. I work from home so I now have started to keep her in the office with me. How many times should I let her go out to the back yard. ? I need to retrin her.

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Comment by Chloe's parent Liz on August 29, 2010 at 3:26am
Her potty accidents are urine only. I work from home, so now I keep the door closed with her in the room with me in my office. At night she sleeps in her crate. It seems to be when it is during a non working time and I am not watching her. When I brought her home from the groomer on Friday she did do her business outside, and I really did reward her with praise.
Comment by Tauna and Kota on August 27, 2010 at 5:01am
Have you had her health checked for a while? A lot of times they will not be as "reliable" when there is a health issue going on. So, first suggestion is to get her in to see a vet and have her checked out. It might help to take a stool sample with you to check for parasites etc. So, she is 2. She shouldn't really be needing to go out to potty more than every 4-6 hours. Usually more. But if you are having these issues, I would take her out every 3 or 4 hours while you are awake. Does she have problems with this at night when everyone is sleeping? Does she give any warnings before she goes potty inside? A lot of times they will give you subtle hints that they need to go. If she starts looking around like they usually do to find the good spot to potty, then I would take her out then. If she isn't always around you, you could put a leash on her and put it around you ankle or something while you are in your office. Make sure to praise her lots and get all excited and maybe even give a treat after she goes potty outside. Hope this helps. Keep us updated.

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