So Teagen and Jordan had a bad couple weeks a little while ago and then were fine with each other for a little bit but it didn't last now their right back at it again. So all toys are gone and they go night-night at the first sign of grumping at each other. Before talking to the daycare girls the aggressor was put into time out but now both go to bed instead. I asked the girls about Teagen and Jordan and how they got along at daycare because of the altercations they are having at times at home and they said that they were fine. The girls also said through the years that they came to learn that if they gave the dogs rest times in crates that any overly tired or grumpy snappy issues stopped so they crate 1 hr. in the morning and 1 hr. in the afternoon which these times are also feeding times. So while I haven't exactly gone to crating them 1 hr apart for naps yet we're just about there. So when I do crate them for grumping at each other, after a little bit they greet each other like old friends. I was also thinking about rearranging some so I can get their crates side by side as they have big crates and my little humble house doesn't have enough room for 2 crates in the living room or 2 crates in my bedroom so as it stands Teagens crate is in the living room (and has always been there) and Jordans crate when I drug it in from the garage was put into my room for now. But I was thinking that it might be helpfull to have them side by side and with an overhall of the office I think they can be side to side. But I'm not sure if that really is nescasary what do you guys think? side by side or apart? (they are side by side at daycare and all the dogs use the same crates week after week at daycare so they just go to their spots).

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Comment by Laurie & Entourage on April 19, 2010 at 7:41am
My girl Lucy would pick on my girl Ruby. Ruby's 4, Lucy's 2. After a lot to research, I found that making them work for everything helps. That means they sit & wait for food, going out the door, having a toy tossed, etc. I also had to remove them from our bedroom. That was tough, but it really has helped.
Comment by Kristen Schaub on April 18, 2010 at 10:52pm
We have two males that went through a tough time fighting and being grumpy. They improved with extra exercise and age.. now we intervene with a firm No and redirect them to different activities...lots and lots of chews helps too! They are crated next to one another room.
Sometimes i walk them separately, or take only one for a drive in the car..that seems to help. They are like kids, and seem to enjoy attention all by themselves sometimes.
Comment by Beth on April 18, 2010 at 7:19pm
Christy, I agree with Jane.

If you have two dogs that were fighting so badly you needed to separate them completely, then after awhile crating them next to each other so they can get reacquainted might be a good idea. However, in this case it sounds like maybe they need to learn that when they start getting on each other's nerves, they can walk away and relax instead of arguing. So I think crating them in different areas so they can relax and ignore each other might be the way to go.
Comment by Jane Christensen on April 18, 2010 at 9:18am
Personally I think I would leave their crates apart. If they were having issues with each other then they can be apart for awhile. I occasionally have a couple females that get this way and they get to spend time in different rooms to calm down and have time "alone". I don't have a theory for which is better but I think they can really relax away from each other or it may continue when they get out. Just my thoughts. Good luck!

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