i love all corgis! but not all corgi owners!

please prepare yourself for a rant that i have been harboring for quiet a while!

ever since i got emi, i've been dealing with this particular girl who goes to my university who also has a corgi whom is a bit younger then emi. one of my housemates is in a sorority, and this girl is in her sorority, so she comes over quite frequently! she may have gotten her corgi, named stubby, before me, but i had my deposit longer, and emi is a bit older than he is.

what irks me about this girl, is not stubby him self, but the way she presents herself as a corgi owner. stubby is adorable, but he is just a corgi after all. she is constantly comparing stubby to emi, and is, quite frankly, not educated enough about corgis. i did so much research prior to getting emi, to make sure i knew all the quirks and all the important information. this girl overfeeds stubby, and always talks down on emi! saying things along the lines of, "oh, her ears arent up yet" (her ears flop down when shes excited) or "oh stubby is potty trained" (WHICH HES NOT! hes potty pad trained! and barely 3 months old at the time!) "oh she has a nub, stubby doesnt have a tail at all." 

at one point, she told my housemate that stubby was a better pedigree then emi, and that he was special because apparentlyyyyy he was supposed to be a "herding dog". which i could have interpreted in so many ways, because the way she said it sounded as if stubby was the only herding dog, ever. as if she did not know that corgi's were a herding breed. it could also mean that the breeder had originally picked him out to be a working dog on her farm. and apparently, emi's nub and stubbys lack of, also proves how he is a better corgi. 

WELL! DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU SISTER! emi has champion bloodlines, and also has corgis with CD and CDX titles on her pedigree! AND her ears are pointier than stubbys, AND shes truly red/white (they call stubby red/white, when he really is more sable). and ALL CORGIS ARE ADORABLE AND WORTHY!

she also doesnt put as much effort as i do with emi. sometimes she comes over with stubby, and leaves stubby in my roommates room, and then they dont come back for HOURS! poor stubby ! it makes me wonder how he is handled at home, if this is how she treats him when she has to go out! i take emi to the dog park at least twice a week, and are trying to go to the weekly corgi meet every other week! corgi's should not be the "next cute thing" to get! stubby deserves to be treated right, and not as a social media attraction! 

it drives me insane!! i love stubby, but his owner drives me INSANE!!!!! i dont understand why its not all love when it comes to corgis. it should never be a competition (in that way). there are so little corgis where we go to school, and i honestly drive far out to go to corgi meets, but she seems so ignorant and uneducated about corgis! wheres the love!

pardon my frustration >< i am just so overwhelmed with her and wish  i did not have to deal with her! and noone really understands my frustrations, so i figure mycorgi people are the only people who would get it :\ 

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Comment by Kaitlyn & Chase on July 12, 2012 at 1:36pm

I would tell her that your dog is not the latest cell phone, or a new Coach purse. You will not compare Emi with Stubby because they are two different Corgis and they both have wonderful features.
I have not yet come into contact with another Corgi owner since I got Chase (except in Petsmart, but they weren't talkitive)
Maybe if you just tell her that you don't treat your dog like the next "hot item" to have, she will be embarrased and it will shut her up.
I know I'm a little late here, but I haven't had internet in a little while. LOL

Comment by Julia on July 6, 2012 at 10:43pm

I'm pretty darn sure that my Lilliput is actually the the cutest and bestest corgi on the planet. She's only regressed on all her training because she's so sensitive and too smart for school :) So clearly this stubby fellow is not a threat. Besides, only, um, "special" corgis need to follow every command you give them, and your pup may need that, but not my Lilli!

Don't I sound ridiculous? If I said this to your face wouldn't you just start giggling at me? Yeah, just take it with a grain of salt if you can. Idiots like me and your acquaintance are all over the place. You've been given some good advice here, advice that you will need even more when you have human children! People like this are all over, and probably clueless.

Comment by David DiPaola on July 6, 2012 at 9:51pm

She's a B

Comment by Kathryn Harbour on July 6, 2012 at 11:59am

first of all, don't let this comparison stuff get to you--it will not be the last time in your life that you will have to hear it.   I guarantee you when you have children that some family "friend" will undoubtedly say something like "Oh, your daughter/son is a year old and not walking yet--my little Johnny was walking at 10 months.  So, start letting this kind of thing roll off your back now.  Secondly, try turning the table by comparing quality of care and time spent with your pet.  Somthing on the lines of "I took emi for a play date yesterday and she had such a good time with all of her friends.  Too bad Stubby doesn't get a chance to get out and socialize more often."  By the way, you might ask her why she named him Stubby if he has no stub.

Comment by Lemmy Winks on July 6, 2012 at 11:21am

Oh man, haha, I can see why you're frustrated.
I don't have much patients for people like her, so my responses would be educational... For the tail reference thing, explain the reason tails are short is so they don't get injured when herding, the reason corgis are short is so the cows kick over them, the reason her dog is not gods gift to earth is because all corgis are gods gift to earth. Shut her up with information, she already acts like she knows everything so she's not really going to argue you and you can turn the conversation away from the subject.
Or kick her shin.... which ever haha j/k.

Comment by Carrie Baxter on July 6, 2012 at 10:20am

Every Corgi owner knows their Corgi is the most beautiful, amazing, friendly, smart Corgi ever!  And when you have two, of course you have the TWO best!

Seriously, this is someone you wouldn't even know except for your housing situation, so from the perspective of a much older former college sorority girl - ignore her as much as possible and if that doesn't work.  Kill her with kindness.

For instance is she says "Stubby has such a beautiful coat." Agree and say "He sure does, what a beautiful dog he is. And I love my Emi's too, isn't it great how they can be different and yet so awesome!"  Annoy her with cheerfulness.  Number 1 - she won't have a defense. Number 2 - you are being the better person. Number 3 - usually someone who is that arrogant actually has low self esteem and if you help build up her dog, it helps him and her and may get her to change her attitude.

Best wishes with Emi, she sounds like an adorable Corgi pup.  Appreciate her and love her as all Corgi Hu-Moms do and you will be rewarded with a wonderful friendship - HERS.

Comment by Sam Tsang on July 6, 2012 at 7:24am

Hi Liane, billy, and emi, we all have a circle of influence, whatever is inside, you have full control. Whatever is outside of that, you have none. This particular girl is outside of your influence, accept it as a fact, all time wasted in this matter will only result in zero. The world is never fair.

Surround yourself with positive influence, you'll attract like minded individuals and your circle of influence will become larger.

Take a step back, at the end of the day, your dog lives with you and that's all it matters. Not everyone grow up beyond the sandbox days, be the bigger person.

Comment by Miranda~ Moses | Maya | Maverick on July 6, 2012 at 1:32am
I smell insecurity and jealousy on her part.

But yes, I would be LIVID if anyone compared my dog to theirs in some kind of "one is better". My dogs are my children, and if someone said their child is better or more "special" than mine, they will get a broken nose. Not really, but I'll be picturing it and sending karma their way. Maybe they'll break a nail or something. Ha.

If it is bothering you that she seems ill informed, invite her to one of your corgi meet ups. At the very least, she will probably think her dog is the best and cutest, but will probably be nicer to you for bringing her along. At the most she can hear from OTHERS how it is, and she may realize she might need to change her behaviour as a pet parent.
Comment by Zigward & Kimberly on July 6, 2012 at 12:38am

Sigh. I agree.. Love all Corgis. Do not love all people who own or love Corgis too. 

I've met a couple of really nasty Corgi lovers. I mean, these people are just flat out awful. Rude, rude, rude, rude, RUDE. And they will call you stupid to your face, and use poor grammar while doing so. [I'm not good at grammar, perhaps, but at least I don't act like others are stupid and I'm the sharpest tool in the shed.]

If I were you, I would start doing the same back to her. List cute and special things about Emi, maybe mention how well behaved she is when you take her out with you, instead of just leaving her behind. While I agree, you should help her learn, I don't think you should let her be rude to you and Emi. Make it clear that she needs to stop, but then offer a truce of some sort as well. 

Some people can't be dealt with and will see nothing but perfection in themselves and nothing but flaws in others. How sad for Stubby he gets left behind.

Comment by liane, emi, and helix! on July 6, 2012 at 12:20am

oh snick mom, you are probably right.

im probably being just immature as she is ! i SHOULD be wanting to share information with her, and trying to lead her in a more proper direction but she just comes off so arrogant! and it doesnt help that shes extremely unfriendly and condescending >____> i just try to avoid her as much as i can.

but you are very right! i still have alot to learn too! but i just wish she cared more to research more ): i just dont feel like its in my place to tell her what is the right way to raise her puppy! 

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