I just read about Maddie and Jack and I had just got done cleaning up dog vomit (cat poop) off my leather car seats and clean blanket that I just put in yesterday! Bella must have gone all over while I was at work(she was with me) and took delicacies out of each cat box and puked about 60 second after getting in the car!!! Then when we got home Armani my Aussie who was also with dragged his leash through this mess spreading it even further so it dropped onto the floor and frame! Guess I should be lucky that only my car needed a bath not the dogs...I am beginning to wonder though that sometimes when Bella isn't hungry at home if she has gotten into our cat box...I had a door on the catbox it but it keeps getting knocked off. Maybe I need a camera to watch my cat litter box! On top of this it's deer hunting and my dogs have to be fenced so they don't go chase down hunters to say "hi" as I don't think they'd be very welcome!!! Three more days of being fenced up!

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Comment by Bev Levy on November 16, 2009 at 8:26pm
I keep my laundry room gated off and the cat food and litter is on the other side. Izzy used to knock it down and eat the cat food then have poopy butt for days but I have it braced really well now. However, between two cats and three dogs (two of whom have weak stomachs) we always have something to clean up! Love my Spot-bot!!
Comment by Beth on November 14, 2009 at 10:29pm
Oh, gross! Jack loves tasty cat treats but either never made the connection that there is a litter box upstairs (seems unlikely), or is so in awe of the cat that he dare not go near any of her stuff (much more likely). And now we have the back two bedrooms baby-gated off because Maddie will eat the cat food, so no kitty snacks for my two!

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