Look what I brought home! ..... Aren't you proud of me?

I was outside pulling weeds, when Sheldon my new corgi disappeared into the long grass next door. I saw the tops of the weeds moving as he made his way through the tall weeds. Then, I heard a squeal. I called Sheldon's name, and he came running. When he found his way out of the tall weeds, he got a smile on his face, and a sparkle to his eyes as he brought me a live bunny. I told him to drop it, he did immediatelly, then the bunny scampered away, and Sheldon ran to me with pride in his eyes. Of course I had to praise him. But, I don't remember asking him to bring me a bunny.

I just hope he does not make a game of it and do it again.

Does any one else's corgi do this? that is extreme herding.
My first corgi, Myles, never brought home anything.

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Comment by Sheldon's Mom aka Myles Mom on July 29, 2009 at 6:59pm
thanks for all the stories. I actually think Sheldon never meant to hurt the bunny. He was so proud to show me. He herds the Papillon and the cat, and us all the time. He usually will not even leave the yard.

I took him to the beach this past weekend, first time since I had him. and he was upset with the other dog, someone's Lab, swimming. He wanted the dog back on land. He actually tried to chase her out of the water. it was too cute.
Comment by Bev Levy on July 29, 2009 at 8:27am
I have told this story before but I will again any way, I looked out the window one day to discover that there were some mice under my bird feeder. Sparty and Buffy (RIP) immediately started chasing them and it was a riot! When the mouse stopped the dogs stopped. They did that across the yard until the mice ended up on the other side of the fence. I decided that the corgis were onlt interested in herding not catching! Now the doberman has changed everything! She has caught 2 bunnies, a mole and a possum(the possum got away). My husband was thrilled about the mole! The deer just stand next to the fence and stamp their feet at the dogs. I am glad Misty can't get to them!
Comment by Natalie, Lance &Tucker on July 29, 2009 at 2:52am
So tonight, Lance was pretty worked up and I couldnt figure out why, so I thought I would let him outside on his lead to see if maybe he needed to go. I look out only to see a bunny sitting right in the area that Lances lead is in. He would have easily been able to catch the bunny unless it got out of the area that Lances lead doesnt reach! I luckily saw the bunny out there and so I did not let Lance out, but at least I knew what he was so worked up over! I was amazed that he even knew a bunny was out there!!!! I wonder what goes through his head, that makes him get so worked up, lol. Does he just want to catch it and show me the bunny like Sheldon did, I wonder. I would hope he wouldnt harm a cute little bunny. Good Job Sheldon, that was so nice of you to gently catch the bunny.

I dont know why these bunnies are getting so close to the house either, over the winter we had one that came to the back sliding glass door, right up on the stoop!!!! I think they are trying to tease Lance cause they know he cant get them!!!
Comment by Cassie and Jaunty on July 29, 2009 at 2:00am
My Ibizan (unfortunately,is a very good small critter hunter) has tried to teach Jaunty (6 months old) how to hunt since the second day Jaunty was here. Its quite fascinating to watch. My Ibizan is an expert field mouse murderer, and he hunts them like a fox or coyote does. First listening for them, then jumping in the air and coming down on them with his front paws. (Yuk). Fall and spring are his mouse seasons, but this summer he has been making sure Jaunty is watching then does a jump and pounce. Jaunty runs to him to see what's happening and the Ibizan moves on. On an hour walk this happens about six times, every day. Jaunty is going to be a disappointment to his big brother I'm afraid. But he has tried to chase the deer on our walks in the woods. The deer know my Ibizan and me, we have walked their trails for five years, and have watched tiny fawns grow and have fawns of their own.my Ibizan is always on a leash and he knows to leave the deer alone. Then came Jaunty, he trots toward them, barking, hackles up, tail like a flagpole. the deer were confused at first and I think they thought he was a barking raccoon, they didn't run, and Jaunty was glad when I called him back to me. "Gotta go, my. Moms calling me". Well he no longer does the hackles and barking thing, but trots up to the deer and they usually go about their business of browsing on leaves. But a couple of days ago a doe actually waited for him to get to her then stretched her neck down to him to give him a sniff! I couldn't believe it, it kind of scared me (deer have very sharp hooves that they will defend themselves with) and I called Jaunty to me. And when I did two little fawns came out of the weeds. No wonder she wasn't going to move for a silly looking raccoon. Jaunty will never be a hunter, and my ibizan is disgusted, but I think we'll keep him.
Comment by Karen and Hardy on July 28, 2009 at 11:00pm
The poor bunny must have been terrified! At least your little Sheldon was gentle. I don't know what mine would do. He decided chasing a squirrel today was lots of fun, so I hope he can't find anything slower!
Comment by Beth on July 28, 2009 at 10:00pm
Aw, poor bun-bun. When I was a little kid, there were a few summers when a mother rabbit would have her litter under our large canopy swing.

Rabbits have got to be nature's worst mom's. They rarely come back to the nest, as doing so attracts predators. But the most amazing thing is what happens when the kits start to move out of the nest. And that is.... nothing. They hop out, sit around blinking, and you can waltz right up to them. A litter that starts out with 7 or 8 cute little balls of fluff dwindles, day by day, til there are maybe 2 wild-eyed and nervous teenaged rabbits sitting around, shaking and bolting at shadows. :-( Poor rabbits, they live to be eaten.

It's amazing Sheldon carried it back do gently. I hate to think what Jack would do with a rabbit, based on how he treats his squeaky toys.
Comment by Aj on July 28, 2009 at 9:31pm
Wow, that is so cool/cute! Mine has yet to catch the wild bunnies in our backyard.

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