We ran out of Origen puppy formula and it was time to switch to adult food anyways. I know everyone says that the switch should be gradual, but Shiro eats a large variety of meats along with his kibble (not at the same time) so I felt it wuold be OK to start a new food right away.
He usually gets cooked chiken, ground beef or turkey, sometimes pork every other day, and when I switched from Innova to Origen he didn't have any problems at all.
Anyways, the store near us doesn't have Orijen, plus I had a 20% pay cut at work, so I felt choosing a slightly cheaper food might be not a bad idea. I had Taste of the Wild in mind because a few of my friends use it and like it.
The salesperson told me there's less carbs in Evo than in Taste of the Wild and those 2 were the only grain free foods they had. I bought a small bag of Salmon food (maybe I didn't save any money after all. LOL). I will buy chicken or red meat next time and rotate them so he doesn't get bored of the taste (which is highly unlikely).
Shiro loves it. The bites are smaller than Orijen puppy food and to my surprise he actually chews them. I hope this will make his coat shiny and silky smooth :)

If the things at work don't get better I might go to Wellness Core. Still a good food and slightly cheaper.
There will be no grain in my dog's diet no matter what. He only needs 1 cup a day so it's not like I spend too much anyways. So far with Orijen it was about $20 a month, not bad at all.

Has anyone used more than 1 brand in rotation? What do you use?

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Comment by Beauty and the Beast on January 29, 2010 at 8:35pm
Well, to be clear I buy 6lb bag once a month. It really lasts that long because we feed other things too. I think I might buy a 10-15lb bag in the future. More than that wouldn't make sense because it will sit for too long and will go stale.
Comment by Sky and Lyla on January 29, 2010 at 12:03pm
The EVO is a good food, I wouldn't worry about switching to it. The Wellness Core is okay as well, although I still like the EVO or the Orijen better. In my area I would pay the same price for EVO as I do for Orijen, and not really that much less for the Wellness Core, so I stick with the Orijen, but if the price in your area makes a difference, I think any of those are safe options. I also feed raw chicken backs to help keep my costs down and provide an added health benefit. I feed the raw chicken backs 2-3 nights a week, and since I can get them for $0.69/lb and on days I feed eaech dog gets 1/2 lb, they are cheaper than the Orijen! I just don't have the freezer space to feed it more often. It might be something worth looking into as the raw chicken backs (at any meat market) are cost effective and very healthy for the dogs (more so than even the highest quality kibble).
Comment by Alice on January 29, 2010 at 10:57am
We are rotating Natural Balance Duck & Potato, Natural Balance Venison & Sweet Potato and Solid Gold Wolf King (bison). They are all priced between $30 and $40 for a 12-15 lb bag. My husband and I were both laid off and had to take jobs that paid less so we're in the same boat. This size bag of food lasts over a month though and if you are mixing in other things it lasts even longer so it's really not that bad and Finn does great on these foods. He has lots of energy and a shiny, silky coat. Plus, he must like the taste because he gobbles it up every time.
Comment by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan on January 29, 2010 at 10:02am
i have been using wellness for almost three months and is wonderful. they only need a little bit of food since its good for them and it makes there fur shiny and silky. but when we went to the store the sales person made a good point, he said instead of buying a small bag every two weeks and spending$ 20-30, but a 30 pound bag for$ 50 and it would last a lot longer that the other bags. i know what u mean with having to save money, we think of thing to save money all the time:) but that was a good point because if u think about it in two weeks spending $30 on a 15 pound bag u spend$ 60 in the next 2weeks but buy a 30 pound for$ 50 u will have that for two months. thank go for income tax to pay off bills lol i hope this helps

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