I had heard corgis were very bright before and that was definitely a quality that helped my decision in getting one but I'm absolutely amazed by how smart Orion is! I knew corgis could be trained "fast" but I had no idea how fast "fast" was! He already has sit totally and completely down, which took about two five-minute treat-filled training sessions, which I was very happy about, I can be anywhere in the room and say "sit!" and he'll do it. He knows come but only listens when he doesn't have something more fun to do, haha, so he usually listens inside but not when exploring outside. After about a ten minute training session with "down" he goes down instantly as long as I have a treat so we're now working on doing it with treats a bunch, then a few times with no treats and just lots of "yayayayayay you're so smart, yayayay, that's a good down!" I use this chicken jerky I bought at costco and Orion is in LOVE with it, I can get him to do anything. I'm so proud of my little smarty-pants!

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Comment by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan on May 27, 2010 at 4:28pm
aww i am very happy for u!!:) i know the feeling of when they learn a new trick lol and he is such a cutie!! u r doing a very good job, keep up the good work!

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