Mocha is the Jedi master in the house, his force is strong and not a whole lot of things in life can rattle him. His only nemesis is the Darth "blender".

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Whenever one of us ventures into the cat's territory, where Libby cannot follow, she goes crazy barking and running around. And then there's of course the doorbell, and if someone comes in she will bark at them until they have pet her sufficiently.
My corgis go crazy when I say "the kids are home!" or "daddy's home!" It's a race to the bay window seat to watch for kids and dad! Corgis are just the best!
Jerry is scared about horses. But not when they are standing, I think he doesn`t realize that there is a body over the legs... but when a horse is lying, he sees the huge body and runs away. hiding behind me.... And I am not shure if he hate the vacuum ore if he loves playing with the vacuum. He really gets crazy when I am using it....
dogs on tv. she gets so mad that they won't come through the "window" to play with her.
Fallen, dead palm tree leaves. I'll pick one up and rustle it and Bugg will run for the hills!
Mina sits in front of the dishwasher while it's running. She stays the whole time its on just looking at it puzzled. She even does that head tilty thing...
Wow this is an old one but still fun. The dreaded vacuum is a hated part of their week. I wonder if they sense how much I dislike cleaning?
The doorbell....We failed badly with that training. ^-^
I have read so much about the vacuum cleaners and while Pooh would attack it and bark ferociously, Copper is GONE! He is either in the bathroom between the toilet and the tub or wedged on my side of the bed. I will say though that Copper bites the side of the broom as I am trying to sweep, tracking the dirt that I just swept ALL OVER THE FLOOR AGAIN! DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!
Deer in the front yard but only if the corgis are in the house at the time. if they are out on the property and deer are around, they pretty much ignore them Go figure.
you say "pizza" to sydnei and she starts walking in circles whining because she wants some!
The pizza delivery man drives Yoda nuts. Stranger and the smell of pizza are just too much for him.


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