Ok. Here's the story. This past weekend me and Bailey do what we always do - go have fun! Well this past weekend, we went to Fort Funston (its doggie heaven for city dogs) - lots of offleash grassy and full-of-trees space away from traffic and even a trail down to the beach for some fun in the water. Well.. We were walking along the route, Bailey stopped to play with a couple puppies in the sand, and I hollered "come on lets go" and he ran right over to me like the cutest thing ever. Anyways, as we were walking back to the parking lot later, A woman and her two scottish terriers were walking in the opposite direction. Bailey was lagging a bit, so I said "come on!" and he started trotting forward. Right when we are about to pass the lady with the two terriers, she murmurs "here comes trouble".

Well, my question is - I know she was directing it to us because it was clearly obvious. I did not say anything… and it hurt! Who would think a corgi is MEAN?? I mean his sweet face and all - but not to agree with the terrier-woman, but I have to say that this isn't the first time. We went to another dog park on another weekend and they're shocked Bailey is so nice, sweet, brave and playful. They perceive corgi's to be aggressive (this particular lady had a golden retriever). Everyone (who doesn't own a corgi and knows about the breed) seems to think corgi's are malicious mean barky animals that cause trouble.

Just wondering if anyone else has run across this situation.. Or are these just more or less two isolated cases?

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I agree 100%. People who have issuses with their dog's behavior tend to project those problems on other dogs. Someone whose dog lunges or can't approach another animal calmly reads every other dog's attitude in that context. So, a confident, outgoing corgi becomes "trouble" in her eyes.
I've never heard that corgis are mean from a stranger. I've been asked if they nip, but just explaining their cattle droving technique puts that into perspective. I'm far more likely to meet somone who has no idea what Banjo is, and I love to tell them all about corgis. I like to think of our dogs as ambassadors for the breed, and we're their public relations staff ;)
Exactly! That's what they should make for the MyCorgi apparal. A button that says "Corgi Public Relations"
That would be a great idea!

I suppose one could make their own MyCorgi apparal, as long as it says MyCorgi.com on it somewhere. Cafepress.com has a great stuff area where you can make anything from buttons, to mugs, to even shirts. I made a Jack button there for maybe 3.00 bucks.
That's true. I find myself saying that, but it's in regard to my big black lab mix, Chester. He's good as can be when off-leash, but when he's on a leash and another dog comes by, he turns into Cujo...pulling at the leash, barking...it takes all my strength to hold him back. He's 13 years old and all the training over all these years has not changed him. So when I see another dog coming towards us, I'll say something very much like "here comes trouble" but it is 100% in regards to MY dog! I see how if another dog owner heard me they would take offense. I will be very careful to never say anything like that out loud again.

Our corgi and our corgi mix are wonderful when meeting other dogs - very friendly!
that makes so much sense. =P thanks everyone!
Besides, who could look at THAT face and think it could be trouble!
ive never had anyone say anything to me...other than when i was looking my friend told me corgis are sooo yappy and never stop barking. whenever someone says oh your dog is cute. i say she maybe but cute but shes trouble! haha she is trouble...not in a mean way but shes too cute for her own good.
well i know i went on a rant about how rotts are great but funny corgi events have occured these last couple of days...

i moved an hour away to go to college and naturally little bear went with me. well EVERYONE from the movers to the cable guys to the ladies at taco bueno have been like, "oh is that a CORGI??? they're so adorable! they think they're big people but they're just fuzzy love buckets!" or something like that...

somehow EVERYONE knows what a corgi is now!!! i kept thinking back to this post and had to comment.
Thats so funny that you thought of this post again :) The only comments I get is 1. what type of dog is that? 2. wow do you feed your corgi? and/or 3. SDFHSFKH SHE'S SO CUTE I'M STEALING YOUR DOG!!!!!!1one

I'm sorry people have said these things to you.... I owned a rotti as well and got used to people crossing the street as well :/ Just always take the chance to show the good side and let the bad wash off your back.
I really have not had that problem but I don't go to off leash parks  a lot because I think the corgis are at a disadvantage around all the big dogs. Most people just smile and want to pet them. I should think some one with terriers should not "throw stones while living in a glass house" since terriers would be my pick as the most likely to cause trouble. They were bred to have major attitude. Of course  I usually have our doberman with me too and just about everybody crosses to the other side of the street when they see her so people often admire the corgis from afar!

Another thing to consider is a lot of the Queens corgs aren't very well trained. There have been stories of them going on people during parties, biting and other things that make her family not want to deal with them.


So if the Queens corgis are misbehaved what about other people's corgis? They must be horrible! *GASP!* ;)

Haha funny a woman with two scottish terriers calls a corgi trouble! Seeing how its usually the scotties causing problems! However, I also come across A LOT of people who are so suprised at how sweet and friendly Franklin is. Then they proceed to tell me how corgis are usually obnoxious and mean and blah blah blah. I have to correct them and say, well actually Franklin is exactly how most corgis are. They are just like any other breed (herding dogs in particular) in the fact that if they don't have a way to channel their energy it can turn into aggression and other bad behaviors. It is frustrating that so many people have a bad opinion on corgis but its nice to have a good ambassador like Franklin around to prove everyone wrong. I've had 3 friends buy corgis after meeting Franklin and they couldn't be happier with their dogs!


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